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Goldpanner Pressbox
2014 Season Headlines
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The Panners don't just win, they do it at a nearly 70% clip. In fact, all-time, the team has won 1,759 games to just 899 losses. The 1,759 wins in 47 seasons represent over 37 victories per summer. The real winning surge began in the early 1970s when Jim Dietz took over as field manager. The 1972 club won 30 of its last 37 games to win the NBC national championship after Dietz' first club had earned 46 wins and finished second in the nation in 1971. Dietz' clubs then won 49-60-51-40 over the next four years and over that span won four national championships and finished runner-up on the three other occasions for one of the most amazing seven year runs ever in amateur ball at the level of summer collegiate leagues.
2006 Most Valuable Players

In 2006, Sean Timmons was named  the Alaska Goldpanners Pitching MVP.  The most valuable position player in 2006 was Mark Thompson.

The symbolic 2002-2006 season MVP belongs to Field Manager Ed Cheff.   The mental approach he teaches to his student/athletes not only prepares them for the future, but brings immediate results for the season at hand.  The Goldpanners are honored to have this Hall of Fame coach at the helm on the field.

The Alaska Goldpanners' 2006 Most Valuable Players joined a very select group of players in what amounts to the Fairbanks organization's Hall of Fame.   Past winners include some of the greatest names in the history of the sport (Nettles, Boone, Winfield), and some of the golden names in today's current field of top prospects (Heilman, Bush).

All-Time Leading Champions
45 Seasons of Championship Baseball

The Alaska Goldpanners have won the NBC national championship tournament six times, a feat unequaled by any other club.  In addition to the NBC tournament, the Goldpanners have captured numerous other state, national and international championships.  Alaska League success is underscored by two seven-year league championship stretches (1962-1968 & 1978-1984).  The decade of the 90s saw the Goldpanners win five league championships.

Amazing Panner to Major Leagues
Mark Adds Another Three

Ryan Garko (00), David Gassner (00), David Bush (99)

 No less than 188 former Goldpanners have ascended to the major leagues coming off 37 of the teams - averaging 5 Goldpanners per team to reach the pinnacle of the sport.  The record of sending Goldpanners to the major leagues is not even remotely challenged by any other single summer amateur team...

goldpanners to mlb

Baseball Popular in the Far North
Games Called at Midnight Where the Spell of the Yukon Reigns

Baseball has always been the great game in Alaska.  When the Klondike was booming there were four semi-professional clubs in that city, and twice each week every one with any life or ambition was present.  Stores were closed up, and thousands of dollars changed hands on each game.

In the North baseball games are called at 8 o'clock in the evening, and on June 21st games are called at midnight, it being as light then as it is in Seattle at 7 o'clock.  In all the wide world there are more real, genuine fans to the population in Alaska than elsewhere. 

more... | midnight sun game

2006 Most Valuable Players

Mark Thompson (06 MVP)
Second Baseman

Shannon Wirth (06 MVP)
Starting Pitcher

Midnight Sun Game
June 21 @ 10:30 PM

Tom Seaver - 60's All Stars

Recollections of an Original Gold Panner

Dave Winfield - '71-'72

Growden Memorial Park
Located near intersection of Wilbur and Airport Rd.  | Stadium lights visible from McDonald's on Airport

Jason Giambi, age 19




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9/16/7: Jonathan Kountis (07) Baseball America Prospects Plus: Alaska League Top 10 Prospect "Alaska was short on power arms this season, but Kountis was one of the few"
8/7/7: Nick Ciolli (07) Indiana State baseball player Nick Ciolli spent the summer working on his game in Alaska “Right when you walk in, they have about a wall full of guys that played pro off the team,” Ciolli noted. “You walk in there and they expect 5.5 of us will go pro when you play for the Goldpanners, which is pretty cool.” “I [fish] a lot,” Ciolli said. “A bunch of us would go Arctic grayling fishing, pike fishing, all kinds. Our host family would take us out on our off days, about once every two or three weeks. Went to sightsee a couple times, saw moose and bear. It was pretty cool.”

Paul Martin

8/1/7: Paul Martin: Martin's blast propels Goldpanners "I really enjoyed the team. They played hard all the time,” said Gloyd, who plans on an encore performance with the Panners next summer. “They’re a bunch of great kids. Hopefully next year, we’ll have some of them back.”
8/1/7: ABL MARATHON: Title chase is unclear when game is called in mid-17th "After the game, Miners players pulled out folding chairs and sat behind home plate to listen to the game. Several hundred fans stuck around to listen from the bleachers. "
7/31/7: Die-hard fans support the Goldpanners no matter what - "When you’re a real Goldpanners supporter, it doesn’t matter if the team’s doing hot or not. You show up anyway. You watch the game, you play the kazoo, and you have a good time."

7/31/7: Kids are winners as Panner split twinbill with Bucs “It was fun to have the kids out,” said Cameron Litzenberger, who hurled a complete game five-hit gem in the nightcap, then put ice bags on his right arm and shoulder but said he could have thrown three or four more innings if needed. “I’m glad we could put a show on for them.”

Pics by Todd Dennis

Brilliant Brad Schwarzenbach (06-07)

7/28/7: Kountis, Panners top Glacier Pilots "Right fielder Chris Valencia, who finished the game 5-for-5 and has now reached base nine straight times, followed with a bloop to left field, plating Dempsey to make it 4-3."
7/26/7: Paul Martin (07) Martin homers as Goldpanners continue winning ways “We battled back the best that we could, but they kept on piling on runs there at the end,” Pilots manager Chris Jones (01) said while sitting in his team’s nearly-empty dugout after the game. “You’ve got to give them credit. We thought we were in control for about five innings or so, and obviously, they didn’t fold or wilt. They kept at it and came back and beat us pretty good.”

Barry Bonds (83) Home Run chase turns eyes to Fairbanks “Nobody in our organization had a harsh word to say about Barry Bonds,” Dennis said. “He was exemplary and he was just an average college kid. He had a tremendous sense of humor, too.”

7/24/7: Panners pull out win over Oilers
7/20/7: 2007: Panners go extra for another win The loss also dropped the Miners to 18-8 overall and 16-8 in the ABL, a full game behind the first-place Athletes in Action Fire, whom the Miners face at 7 tonight at Growden.
7/19/7: Panners knock Miners out of first place “I was just able to establish my fastball tonight and make them hit my pitches,” said Harmon, who saw his ERA drop to 2.84, second only to Ryan Platt among Alaska starters. “I was able to let my defense work for me.”
7/15/7: Panners suffer two ABL losses
7/3/7: July 3rd vs. Peninsula Oilers
7/3/7: Panner bats bark in win
6/30/7: Panners bounce back to knock off Bucs
6/28/7: Bullpen woes continue for Panners "Shortstop Chris Tremblay scored both of the Panners runs against the Bucs after going 1-for-3 with a walk. Paul Martin was the only Panner with two hits as seven different players collected hits against Lee."
6/27/7: Mat-Su Miners rally to beat goldpanners
6/25/7: Fire Rally Upends Panners "Schwarzenbach has two saves on the year and hadn’t given up a run until Sunday’s game. “He’s been real good for us,” Sean Bard said. “They hit some tough pitches.”
6/24/7: Yahoo Sports : Bats at midnight "If you played at a college in California, you wanted to play in Alaska," said Tim Gloyd, the Goldpanners' shortstop in 1978 and its first-year coach this year. "And you wanted to play for Fairbanks. Because they're the ones who win."  "It means more now than ever," Bill Stroecker said. A smile curled across his face. He adjusted his tie. He sat up a little straighter. "We've always known it was something. Now the world knows."
6/21/7: Touching the Game: Alaska Jim Carroll set to Return to Fairbanks in 2007!  “Last summer, we shot about 70 hours of great Alaska Baseball League action, plus numerous historical interviews with the people who have been part of the ABL for years. Guys like Red Boucher, Don Dennis, and Lefty Van Brunt, the stories have been tremendous”, said Jim Carroll, the film’s co-producer.  The crew also plans to interview some of the many former ABL players who have made it to the Major Leagues, and in some cases, the Hall of Fame. “Guys like Seaver, Winfield, McGwire, Johnson, they all have stories to tell about their summers in Alaska, we plan to interview as many as we can.” said Carroll."
6/21/7: Panners suffer their first setback “We lost that game in the first five innings. We were not ready to play; we were very lackadaisical,” Panners manager Tim Gloyd said. “We made three or four errors and even (starter Michael) Guerrero didn’t seem (sharp). They were just out there. Maybe they were thinking about tomorrow.”
6/11/7: ABL : Pilots open season with loss | College players begin migrating to Palmer diamond
6/5/7: Linda Douglass: Replacing ping! with crack! for Alaskan summer "Basch, a former Goldpanner who stayed in Alaska, said he enjoys the travel.  “I think it’s great that the kids get to see different parts of Alaska and stay in some unique places. In Fairbanks, the (visiting) team stays in a trailer park inside the stadium  and in Kenai the visiting teams stay in the local bingo hall,” he said. “Also, I enjoy seeing players’ first impressions of Alaska when they arrive for the first time, because it reminds me of what a unique place it is that we live.”
5/10/7: Is the Cape Just a “Show” League? "Alaska Goldpanners GM Don Dennis thinks so." // Capeman - "I do happen to think that the kids on the Cape lack some competitiveness " // Andrew - "I’m not sure if the rivalry really translates well to the CCBL" // Dave - "The “competitiveness” issue has been something that I have wondered about for awhile.. there is a feeling that once the all star game is over, many scouts leave the Cape, and after that happens some players “desire” seems to wane."
5/10/7: Mitch Canham Interview "One thing I was interested in was whether all the scouts and attention from professional clubs affected the play. I had read in an article at that some considered it a show league, and figured I’d get the thoughts of a participant (Canham). He acknowledged there is probably some self-promotion.. // "When I went to Alaska (another summer league) I hit horrible up there, but I improved so much on my catching because that’s what I was there to do was develop my catching so that when I came back to Oregon State I’d be a solid catcher for my team. I knew the hitting would come; I’m very confident in my hitting abilities. Just making sure I had a strong base in my catching was really important to me. Now I’m at the point where I’m comfortable doing both. "
5/8/7: Gloyd to manage Goldpanners (DN-M)
5/7/7: Kevin Skogely ties UNLV record of 15-strikeouts, previously held by Ryan Olson (99 - Now with Calgary Vipers of Northern League)
4/24/7: Matt Vogel - 2005 Alaska Baseball League Player of the Year - Added to 2007 roster!
4/23/7: Announcing our two newest directors:
Sean Timmons and Cliff Batye !
10/29/6: Not Lost From History - By Don Dennis "The Alaska League is a term often referred to as a means of encompassing baseball as it is known today in the 49th state.  However, the words "Alaska League" are a bit of a misnomer.  The best it has ever been -- and that happens to be the era from 1998 to the present -- is a strong association of teams joining together to give the appearance of a traditional league."
9/24/6: NBC might be able to add Alaska teams
9/3/6: Beau Mills (06) Named Baseball America's Top 2006 Alaskan Prospect

8/1/6: Panners land pair on ABL sqad - Beau Mills, Chris Kissock named to 2006 All-Alaska Team
6//22/6: ABL Baseball greats photo gallery
6/19/6: Sports Illustrated: ABL a Major League Pipeline - "Before he was a New York Yankee, Jason Giambi was an Alaska Goldpanner in Fairbanks. He batted a team-high .377. Sixteen years later, the All-Star slugger recalls the annual Midnight Sun game held each summer solstice. The game begins at 10 p.m. and lasts past midnight, but has never used artificial lighting in its 100-year history. “It was kind of tough to see for two innings, but otherwise it was pretty cool to play in a game like that,’’ said Giambi, then a freshman at Long Beach State."

Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona and Tim Wallach, who would go on to win three Golden Gloves with the Montreal Expos, were assigned to run a clinic when they played for the Goldpanners in 1978.  “The second day we got bored,’’ Francona said. “We went to McDonalds, and the kids we were supposed to watch got into a rock fight.’’ Francona, who guided the 2004 Boston Red Sox to their first World Series title in 86 years, served out the rest of the season as his star teammate’s chauffeur. “Wallach was such a good player that my job was to make sure he got to the ballpark,’’ Francona said. The following year, Wallach won the Golden Spikes award for best college player after leading Cal State-Fullerton to its first national championship."
5/2/7: Tim Gloyd (78-07) PRESS RELEASE: Tim Gloyd Named 2007 Skipper "The new skipper has previous Alaska coaching experience in addition to his major role on the Panners' 1978 championship team.  Gloyd assisted Jim Gaddis with the North Pole Nicks in 1987 when the Nicks won their only Alaska championship." 

5/2/7: Tim Gloyd (78-07) Alaska Beckons for Tim Gloyd "“He has the unique fit to work summer baseball – Alaska League style,” Dennis said in an e-mail. “The Alaska League is no show league like the Cape Cod has become. It is a down and dirty competition among the cities, and the players get infected with that.”  “I am extremely excited that Tim was available to take the position. I felt he was the right guy from the moment the position opened.”


Phil Stephenson (80-81)

Bobo Brayton, Bob Moss, Jim Dietz

12/7/7: Allan Dykstra (05) Named to 2007 Wallace Award Watch List - Rumblings of talk as a 1st Round draft pick
11/10/7: Matt Fitts (05), Brent Wyatt (07) Named to NAIA preseason All-American Team
9/8/7: Cheff named ABCA's Region I Coach of the Year
9/6/7: George Horton (81-83) UO Swinging a Big Bat "To land Horton, a two-time national coach of the year whose Titans won the 2004 national championship, Oregon guaranteed him an annual package of $400,000 -- a base salary of $150,000 and another $250,000 in television and radio money and a contract with Nike. With incentives, Horton could earn another $285,000 a year, Kilkenny said. The incentives include $50,000 for a College World Series appearance, $20,000 for a Pacific-10 Conference title and other rewards for graduating players, producing All-Americans or winning coach of the year honors. "
9/6/7: Ten minutes with Steve Rodriguez (90) "When I was in the Big Leagues, I actually had a very veteran group. We had Jose Canseco and Roger Clemens at the Red Sox, and they really, really took care of the younger guys. You never had to pay for anything, whether it was clothes or food. Whatever it was, they took care of it. It was really great, and that’s what I try to relay to our guys here — that you should never feel a sense of entitlement because you’re older or have been here longer. That’s actually the point when you show your leadership by making the younger kids’ jobs easier."
9/2/7: Horton leaving CSF - Weathers (86-87-88), Vanderhook (81)
9/1/7: George Horton (81-83) Named Oregon Ducks Head Coach "
Horton was also a five-time Big West Conference Coach of the Year, most recently earning the hardware in 2006 on the heels of his third 50-win season at the Division I level. "
8/29/7: Clay Van Hook (05) Added to Texas Longhorns coaching staff! "Van Hook was a three-year letterwinner at Texas, playing in 84 games, including 43 starts after transferring from Navarro College. He batted .266 with 21 runs, three doubles, 14 RBI and six stolen bases in 43 games during the Longhorns' 2005 College World Series championship run."

Knickrehm looking forward to 2008 season

8/3/7: Gus Knickrehm (04-05-06) Knickrehm looking forward to 2008 season "The Alaska Golpanners baseball team wraps up their summer season Tuesday against the Anchorage Bucks. The squad has had another successful season, even without their long-time coaches Ed Cheff and Gus Knickrehm. Coach Knickrehm said there are reasons the Warrior pair opted to stay in the valley this summer."
7/5/7: Phil Stephenson (80-81) Phil Stephenson inducted into College Baseball Hall of Fame "Granted, I did have a pretty solid college career," he said. "I was fortunate to stay healthy and have some tremendous teammates. I was fortunate to be in the position to put up the records that I did, and the ones that I still hold ... you never want to say a record is unbreakable, but I played in 288 games. The limit now is 56, and unless you play in some exempt tournament, conference tournament, regionals, super regionals and the College World Series, it's going to be difficult to play that many games. Even guys who stay all four years may not start all four years."
7/3/7: Phil Stephenson (80-81) To Be Inducted into College Baseball Hall of Fame tomorrow (Along with '78 Panner split squad head coach Chuck 'Bobo' Brayton)
6/28/7: Bill Mosiello (89) Named Auburn Assistant Coach
6/27/7: Lissman: Oregon State baseball is here to stay "Barney gives credit to last year’s star juniors who went on to the pros — Dallas Buck, Jonah Nickerson, Kevin Gunderson and others — for starting the program’s rise. That group, along with coach Pat Casey, created a winning attitude. Then they delivered. Once those players were done, they passed the torch to Barney, Mitch Canham and Mike Lissman.  “Hopefully, it will keep going,” Barney said. “That blend of guys made me come here. That’s what gives us our success. We build around pitching, defense and depth. Depth is the main thing the Northwest has over a lot of other clubs.”  Those three leaders dragged this team to the top. When the bottom was falling out during the Pacific-10 Conference schedule, they carried the team and pushed on.  Lissman described Canham as the grumpy one, Barney the happy one and himself the crazy one. The mix made the whole team go because teammates responded."
6/10/7: Jim Dietz (70-71-72-73-74-75-76-77-90-91-92-93) Arizona trip on horizon for Three Rivers club “We're trying to showcase kids who have played for us and now are playing junior college baseball,” said Jim Dietz, who coached the Sandblasters their first two years before turning over the reins to Southwestern Oregon coach Corky Franklin this summer. Dietz, who still has an active role in the team but now is the commissioner for American Legion Zone 3, set up the trip.  “We're just hoping that this will benefit local kids and baseball in the long run,” Dietz said.
Jonathan Kountis (07) NAIA Region IX Tournament  In the first game of the day, third-seeded Ohio Dominican University (40-12) got a dominating pitching performance from Jonathan Kountis as the Panthers blanked second-seeded Geneva (Pa.) College (29-20) 7-0 to hand the Golden Tornadoes their first loss of the double elimination event. Kountis (9-2) was outstanding on the mound for Ohio Dominican as he allowed just three hits while striking out 13 batters and issuing just one walk in going all nine innings. He struck out the side in the first, third, and fourth innings and at one point struck out seven straight hitters.
Beau Mills (06) Mills Shatters NAIA HR Record as LC Wins 15th Championship for Cheff  "I've never played with anyone like him - never ever seen anyone like him," Miller said of Mills.  
5/31/7: LC defeats Houston Baptist "four strong innings of relief from Will Morgan (06) put the Lewis-Clark State College baseball team one win away from its second consecutive national championship and the program’s 15th overall.  HBU did make it interesting in the ninth by putting a runner on second base thanks to an error, but a great defensive play by LCSC third baseman Beau Mills picked the runner off on a grounder and Morgan picked up his fourth and final strikeout of the night to end the game. "
5/30/7: Matt Fitts (05) | Beau Mills (05) Fitts hurls gem,  Mills' 35th home run "Sophomore right-hander Matt Fitts tossed a two-hitter and Beau Mills hit his 35th home run of the season to help defending champion Lewis-Clark State College defeat Spring Arbor 7-0 in the 51st annual Avista NAIA World Series on Monday at LCSC's Harris Field. "
5/30/7: Elliot Strankman (03-04-05-06)
Northwoods League: Bullfrogs are ready to play ball, dude  "The makeup of the Green Bay Bullfrogs’ roster does more to expose manager Elliott Strankman’s West Coast roots than his habitual use of “man” and “dude” as punctuation."
5/29/7: Fitts' two-hitter does the job
5/29/7: Sean Bard (07) Bard enjoys big season at Mississippi Valley State "To say that Cape Girardeau’s Sean Bard had an impressive rookie season in Division I college baseball would not even come close to doing him justice. Bard had a monster year for Mississippi Valley State, leading the Delta Devils and ranking among the Southwestern Athletic Conference leaders in most offensive statistical categories."
5/27/7: Pitches third Shutout at tournament elimination game  "Fresno City got a similar performance Sunday morning from Michael Guerrero. The sophomore from Fresno High pitched a four-hit shutout to eliminate NorCal rival Sacramento City 3-0 and give Fresno City hope of continuing its run for the title. "Mike saved his best for last," Rams pitching coach Eric Solberg said. "It was a monumental effort."
5/28/7: Brandon Harmon (07) All WCC Honorable Mention
Allan Dykstra (05) Named Second Team All-ACC

5/19/7: Occidental hits SCIAC triple  "Occidental baseball capped another season of improvement May 2 with three student-athletes earning All-SCIAC recognition, the largest total since 1991.  Placing three players on the All-SCIAC team is a huge step forward for our program," offered second-year head coach Elliot Strankman. "We are moving closer to a mindset of winning rather than just rebuilding.""
5/15/7: NAIA All-Region I Team.  "Junior third baseman Beau Mills (
06) was named the player of the year, while Warriors coach Ed Cheff was named the top coach.  Joining Mills on the team were catcher Jessie Mier (05-06), shortstop Mark Thompson (05-06), outfielders Paul Martin (07R) and Brent Wyatt (07) and pitchers Chris Kissock (06), and Matt Fitts (05-07).  Mills, who is being projected as a first round pick in next month’s Major League draft by several draft gurus, is hitting a team-best .462 on the season (98-of-212) with 106 RBI, 87 runs scored, and 21 doubles. He has 31 home runs, which is a single-season record at LCSC, a slugging percentage of 1.000, and an on-base percentage of .551. During the season, he was twice named the Region’s Player of the Week, and also earned the NAIA National Player of the Week honor. 
5/15/7: Matt Rassmussen (
06) Named to All Northwest Conference Team "Rasmussen batted .280 this spring, while playing in 35 games (all starts). He scored 15 times, recorded 16 RBIs and walked 16 times. He hit .296 against NWC opponents, with 24 hits in 81 at bats. He ranked second on the team with 11 doubles, including nine in NWC action. He was the primary starter at shortstop, where he registered 52 putouts and 102 assists."
5/12/7: Ryan Platt strikes out 18 "Pierce sophomore pitcher Ryan Platt scattered four hits to go with the 18 strikeouts."

5/9/7: Joey Dunn (06) Picture added to Scrapbook:

Husky catcher Joey Dunn, left, has a few words with pitcher Brandon McKerney during Friday’s 6-2 win over OSU at Safeco Field.

Mills ties two Lewis-Clark State baseball records

"Junior first baseman Beau Mills (06) tied two school records to help the Lewis-Clark State baseball team cap its home portion of the regular season with a 15-3 victory over Linfield College on Sunday in Lewiston.  Mills, who is being projected as a first-round draft pick in June's major league amateur draft, hit two home runs and drove in eight runs. The eight RBIs ties a school record for a game and his two home runs give him 30 on the season, which ties the school record set by Jim O'Dell in 1983 when the Warriors played 76 games."
5/5/7: Mills' 28th home run leads LCSC baseball in rout of BC - "Beau Mills (05) hit his NAIA-leading 28th home run, a grand slam in the third, and two Lewis-Clark State pitchers combined for the Warrior baseball team's eighth shutout this season, a 13-0 rout of British Columbia on Thursday in Lewiston. Matt Fitts (05-07R) and Joe Guntz combined for the four-hit shutout. In six innings, Fitts struck out 12, the most by an LCSC pitcher this season."
Allan Dykstra (05)  Included on Brooks Wallace Award Revised Watch List
5/4/7: Clay Van Hook (05) On the Road with the Longhorns "Clay Van Hook here writing to y'all about our weekend trip to Oklahoma. We flew in to Oklahoma City on Thursday night before an hour-long bus ride to Stillwater. It wasn't all that bad because we got to watch "Wedding Crashers" on the bus, which is a pretty legit movie by the way."

Allan Dykstra

5/1/7: Allan Dykstra (05) Selected at Golden Spikes Award finalist
4/7/7: Phil Stephenson (80-81) ; Chuck "Bobo" Brayton (78) 2007 Inductees to College Baseball Hall of Fame

4/7/7: Beau Mills (06) Ties single game HR record with 3 ; halfway to season record "That's just baseball," Mills said. "Some nights you're on, some nights you're off."

4/29/7: Brandon Harmon (07R) - Added to 2007 roster

4/29/7: Sequoyah Stonecipher (07) - Added to 2007 roster
Beau Mills (06)  NAIA Player of the Week "Mills hit .667 and drove in eight runs. He also tied a school record for the second time this season by belting three home runs in one game. "
4/21/7: Mike Lissman (04-05-06) For Beavers, it’s Lissman’s time again “He’s a better defender now. He’s a smarter player and he’s really cut down on his strikeouts. I think he wants to be a leader and wants to do things right.   ”I’m certainly happy with the progress he’s made on and off the field.”  It’s taken a lot of work. The way Lissman describes his summer in the Alaska Baseball League, he must have been a complete bore. “Some guys went up there to relax and enjoy the summer,” he said. “I went up there to play left field every day.”
3/27/7: Brandon Godfrey (05) Dirtbags’ comeback kid "In 2005, after playing nearly all summer in the Alaska Summer League for the Alaska Goldpanners, Godfrey tore his labrum. The injury came right before the team was set to go to the National Baseball Congress World Series in Wichita, Kan., landing Godfrey a ticket back to California instead of Kansas. “That year, our team had the best record in the history of the Alaska League,” Godfrey said. “So taking that into the NBC would have been nice but I wasn’t able to go with them.”
3/24/7: Clay Van Hook (05) Teammates together in support of  Clay and his mom "When Loyce Van Hook got the diagnosis in December, one of her main concerns was her son’s support system. "
Geoff Byrns (06) Byrns making smooth transition from junior college to Division I "Right now, however, Byrns is having too much fun. He credits this past summer’s experience in the Alaska League with the Alaska Goldpanners, as well as the increase in level of coaching between junior college and Division I, as two reasons his adjustment has been, to this point, fairly pain-free. “Only a handful of junior college guys were up there and the guys we saw were from Arizona State, Stanford and Nebraska,” Byrns said of the Alaska League. “That really prepared me for this season and just built my confidence up a little bit knowing I could play with these guys. The main reason you go to Division I is the good coaching and we get a little bit better coaching up here, and that’s prepared me to play in the outfield before.”
Stanford Senior pitcher Jeff Stimpson (04) has left the team to focus on academics and prepare for graduate school.  Stimpson appeared in just one game out of the bullpen last season surrendering four runs in 2/3 of an inning.

2/7/7:  Elliot Strankman's Occidental club defeated SDCC at their home opener


1/28/7: Baseball: Bullfrogs add first players to roster "The Green Bay Bullfrogs announced the signing of the first two players in team history — University of Washington pitcher Tyler Cheney (06) and Loyola Marymount pitcher Kevin Hernandez  (06). Cheney and Hernandez played for Bullfrogs manager Elliott Strankman (06) with the Alaska Goldpanners of the Alaska Baseball League last summer."
1/14/7: LCSC Warriors' 2007 Outlook - Pretty Darn Good  "
This is the best balance of speed and power we’ve had in a long time,” Ed Cheff (02-03-04-05-06) says. “I’m optimistic this will be one of our better offensive teams.”  That statement alone should send shivers through the rest of the NAIA. "
1/6/7: Chris Fox (06) UCSB Gauchos Page
1/5/7: Geoff Byrns (06) 2007 Texas Tech Red Raiders Page

1/1/7:  Beau Mills (06) on Beau Mills: "What would a Giants draft be without someone from Lewis & Clark?  Mills played in Alaska this summer, leading the league in homers, and will transfer to L&C from Fresno State.  On the bad side, he has an injury history and academic issues, but he’s a left handed power bat and is the of Red Sox coach Brad Mills, so he has some Pedigree going for him."




Longtime Panner fan and supporter Kathie Andresen  2/11/51-7/4/7


(pictured with daughter Katrina)


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Tom Seaver (64-65)

10/31/7: MSG: 1965 Midnight Sun Game Ends Dramatically with a Strikeout - Tom Seaver (64-65) vs. John Herbst (64)
10/31/7: Tom Seaver (64-65) Added "Seaver set the standard for a generation" and pictures from 1965 Midnight Sun Game
9/7/7: William G. Strocker - Named Distinguished UAF Almunus

All-time grape

7/5/7: Tom Seaver (64-65) Vintage Seaver - "At 62, in jeans and work shirt with pruning shears on his belt and a John Deere backhoe in the tool shed, the Hall of Fame pitcher has found peace and passion on Diamond Mountain, 800 feet above the fertile Napa Valley and its ever-expanding string of wineries, some large and some small."
5/23/7: 102 Years of Alaska Baseball History--The 2007 Midnight Sun Game - FOXSports Blog
5/11/7: The Big City - Alaska Goldpanners vs. Anchorage Glacier Pilots "July 13, 2006 Mulcahy Stadium, Anchorage, AK. "Mulcahy is home to the two Anchorage ABL teams: the Galcier Pilots and the Bucs. I couldn't really get a feel if there was a rivalry between the two clubs.. the general consensus is that people in Anchorage will root for both teams but never for the Goldpanners"

In memory of Jane Douglass

Sam Suplizio (63)

1/17/7: Don Dennis: Sam Suplizio - "Sourdough" is a Fairbanks and northern parts of Alaska, term of endearment.   It usually means you have lived in the State at least 30 years and have completed some bizarre rituals such as kissing a Polar Bear, peeing in the Yukon River and so on.    Sam Suplizio received the moniker before he ever made his first visit to Alaska."
12/31/6: Sam Suplizio (63) "Sourdough Sam" Dead at 74 Samuel Victor Suplizio died suddenly of heart failure late Friday at his winter home in South Carolina. He was 74."
2/9/7: Board: John Luther Adams: USA Fellows - United States Artists - John Luther Adams has been named one of the first United States Artists Fellows, among such distinguished musical company as Meredith Monk, Bill Frisell and Ali Akbar Khan. JLA plans to use the time the USA fellowship gives him to begin Sila: The Breath of the World – a major new project transforming weather and climate data from all over the Earth into music and light.

John Luther Adams

In Tune With the Voices of the Midnight Sun Washington Post  "When the next big earthquake hits, John Luther Adams jokes, he’ll be running into the University of Alaska Museum of the North while everyone else runs out.  He won’t be able to resist hearing music the quake generates in the provocative gallery he designed, The Place Where You Go to Listen."


11/22/6: June 30, 1985 - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner "Dennis Family Goes Nuts for the Panners"


  Organizational History

H.A. Red Boucher
H.A. 'Red' Boucher

Boucher, Dennis Span Panners' History

H.A. 'Red' Boucher founded the Goldpanners in 1960 under the sponsorship of his local sporting goods store. The team, then known as the Pan Alaska Goldpanners, joined the North of the Range League and used primarily local players but did have five young recruits from the University of Arizona.

Boucher, with a great assist from his wife Heida, virtually ran the club single-handedly from its inception through the first three seasons. But a big change came at the end of the '62 campaign when the Panners went to the National  Baseball Congress Tournament and astounded all by staying in the competition. The need for funds to maintain the stay, an eventual second place finish, led to the community involvement which was to spawn today's organization.

After founding the team, Boucher managed the club through 1969, but after the 1967 season he turned over all duties associated with the team to current general manager Don Dennis. Dennis, summoned by Boucher from a newspaper post in Pueblo, CO, has been the organization's administrative leader since November of that year.    more...


The Chena River Area was first inhabited by Anglo-Americans at the beginning of the 20th Century.  The history of baseball in Fairbanks dates back to these early days of the town's founding.

In its very first year of existence as a temporary trading post, Fairbanks became a gold rush camp when the mineral was discovered by Felix Pedro.  After the gold rush settled down, the Defense Department invested millions into the area during WWII.  After the war, the discovery of oil in the North Slope brought a housing and building boom for Fairbanks.


The original trading camp has become a city teeming with activity.  Throughout the century, a main source of entertainment for the inhabitants was baseball.  Military and civilian teams were formed, and the Midnight Sun Game tradition was celebrated during the entire century and beyond.

The Alaska Goldpanners evolved out of the intense competition being fielded in the Midnight Sun Baseball League.  Immediately, the new club gained dominance in the local scene, and then very shortly thereafter the nation, becoming the national non-professional team in the early 1960s.  Six NBC championships later, the Goldpanners have cemented the Fairbanks team as the most successful non-professional club in baseball history.

 No other amateur team comes close to the nearly 200 players sent to the major leagues.  Among these are three Hall of Famers, Barry Bonds, Dave Winfield, and Tom Seaver -- who holds the record for highest vote percentage in MLB Hall of Fame balloting history. has teamed up with to tell more of this amazing town's story.  Click here for the Fairbanks Community Profile



12/25/7: Scott Robinson (01-02 MVP) Signed by Seattle Mariners
12/20/7: Mike Cervanek (98) Invited to Phil's spring training
NYTimes: MLB owes Barry Bonds an apology

The winning side always seems to advocate moving on, is always eager to leave the past behind. I say not so fast. Baseball can’t move on until it apologizes. Baseball, specifically Bud Selig, owes Bonds an apology.

Sorry, Barry, for hanging you out to dry; for allowing the news media and the public to make you the vilified face of baseball’s steroid era. Sorry for making it clear during your home run chase that I would rather be in a dentist’s chair having root canal surgery than watching you break the home run record.

Sorry for looking on as you absorbed nasty fan behavior and crude treatment from the news media. Sorry for not being more forceful in telling fans to reserve judgment, that the steroid canyon was wide and deep. I spoke on Friday with Selig in Milwaukee. He was in no mood for apologies and refused to discuss individual players. “I just think it’s inappropriate for me to comment on anybody,” he said."

12/11/7: Brooks Conrad (99-00) Signed by Oakland A's - Possibility of 1999 Goldpanners middle infield repeat -- with  Panner teammate Bobby Crosby (99)

12/10/7: Sheng-Wei Wang (05) Now Playing for Brother Elephants in Taiwan Professional Baseball League
11/28/7: Jose Cruz. Jr. (93) Signed to MiLB contract with Houston ; Spring Training Invite
11/23/7: Mike Harkey (86) Named Yankees Bullpen Coach
11/21/7: Terry Francona (
78) Sox's success can be traced to Francona "Could it be that Terry Francona is the best manager in Red Sox history? Seeing that he's the only living man to guide the fabled franchise to one World Series championship -- let alone two -- it is a debate worth having."


Brent Strom (67-68-69)

11/14/7: Tom Seaver (64-65) Glavine Guided by Another Tom Terrific

11/9/7: Emerson Frostad (03) Canada rebounds to thump Thailand 18-0 at Baseball World Cup "Emerson Frostad hit two home runs, including a grand slam, while Matt Rogelstad and Mike Saunders also went deep to lead Canada in an 18-0, mercy-rule win over Thailand on Thursday at the 37th Baseball World Cup."

Tom Seaver's


Greg Dobbs (00)
Greg Dobbs (00)

11/4/7: Greg Dobbs (00) Dobbs discovers life after M's not so bad  “It was kind of a rebirth for me,” Dobbs said. The Phillies made the playoffs with a marvelous September run, and when they needed a win on the final day of the regular season, they started ex-Mariner Jamie Moyer on the mound – and Dobbs at third base. For those who know or watched Dobbs work, it was one of the feel-good stories of 2007. Off the field, it was even better. He and Heidi now have a 10-month-old daughter. Speaking from a California park, Dobbs was on a play date with his daughter and a neighbor’s girl."

Jose Mota (84)

11/1/7: Luis Medina (83-84) Royals promote Medina "The Kansas City Royals have announced that Louie Medina has been promoted to Special Assistant to the General Manager/Player Personnel "
11/1/7: Vote for Goldpanners up for Ford Frick award - Tom Seaver, Rick Monday, Jose Mota, Joe Magrane

Beau Mills (06)  Indians keeping Mills at third! ''We are committing to him as a third baseman now,'' Mirabelli said. ''The only reason we moved him to first base was because of his shoulder. But with his shoulder no longer an issue, we like him more as a third baseman. He's playing third base in the instructional league, and he's going to go into next season with the game plan is he's going to play third base.''
Ryan Garko (00)  Playoff Blog by Ryan Garko

10/3/7: Brian Jeroloman (04) Jeroloman fuels romp "The 22-year-old catcher shattered his previous career best of three RBIs, accomplished twice during the regular season with Class A Advanced Dunedin. Selected by the Blue Jays in the sixth round of the 2006 First-Year Player Draft, Jeroloman batted .259 with three homers and 39 RBIs in 100 games in the Florida State League."
10/3/7: Kris Medlen (05) Honolulu Sharks | Brian Jeroloman (04) West Oahu CaneFires

10/3/7: Bid on a ball caught at Midnight Sun Game
9/25/7: Jason Lane (96-97) Acquired by San Diego "Before making the trade for Lane, Towers and manager Black spoke with Ensberg, who gave a ringing endorsement, and not just because he's good friends with Lane. "He's a guy who has been a foundation of winning teams. He's won everywhere he's gone. I think it's important to bring guys together who know how to win," Ensberg said. "He's got a lot of ability and a lot of talent, and if he gets the opportunity to play every day, he can put up some scary numbers."

9/21/7: Scott Robinson (01-02 MVP) SCL Most Valuable Player  "Winning the South Coast League’s Most Outstanding Hitter award wasn’t enough for Scott Robinson as today the SCL is pleased to announce that the Macon Music first baseman has also been named the 2007 SCL Most Valuable Player. "
Brendan Ryan (02) Benched by LaRussa for swinging at a 3-0 pitch! "It's the big leagues," La Russa said. "I sent a message right away, that's not how we play. Not acceptable."
Scott Robinson (01-02 MVP) Named Most Outstanding Hitter of the South Coast League
8/31/7: Scott Robinson (01-02 MVP) Named MVP of the South Coast League
With two hits Thursday, Mike Cervenak surpassed his career high for hits. His International League-leading 155 hits are one better than his 2005 total with Fresno. Cervenak, 31, has accumulated 125 or more hits in six of his last seven seasons. He doubled to plate a run in the Tides’ three-run seventh after reaching in the sixth on an infield single when he hit the ball hard enough to knock the glove off Charlotte pitcher Heath Phillips. “I’m not sure that people look at the number of hits as an important stat,” Cervenak said. “I think they look at average, home runs and RBIs.” Cervenak leads the Tides with 15 home runs and 77 RBIs.
8/28/7: Mike Cervanek (98) Tides Lose, Season Over, September Callup Looms
"For 28 pitches, Tides relief pitcher Jim Miller couldn't find the plate with a GPS system.   (Catcher Alberto) Castillo would call for a pitch inside and I’d throw it outside,” Miller said. “He’d call for it outside and I throw it up and in. I was aiming it. And I’ve never had both a third baseman and first baseman visit me in the same inning. Terry Tiffee came walking over from third and told me to just let them hit it – maybe we’d get a double play. Mike Cervenak just walked up and said, 'Hey, I’m just here to get some rosin. Gotta go.’ They were trying everything to calm me down.”
Beau Mills (06) "Beau Mills hit his third double in 16 at-bats since being promoted to Class A Kinston in the Indians' 3-0 loss to Frederick. The Tribe's top Draft pick has hit .275 with 15 doubles and six homers over 48 games at Class A Lake County and Kinston."
Brendan Ryan (02) Ryan likely to stay in St. Louis for rest of 2007 "The utility infielder, who was first called up from Triple-A Memphis in early June, has gone back and forth between the two teams four times this season. However, with Adam Kennedy (95) sidelined for the rest of the season after undergoing knee surgery, and Ryan's consistent production, he shouldn't have to worry about packing up for Memphis any time soon. "
8/22/7: Beau Mills (06) Mills promoted for third time since signing "Former Lewis-Clark State baseball star Beau Mills has been promoted to the Kinston Indians of the Class A-Advanced Carolina League. "
Toledo’s Timo Perez has led the International League in hits for much of the season. But Norfolk’s Mike Cervenak (98) is closing in. Cervenak went 2 for 3 with a sacrifice fly Saturday night and has 138 hits for the season. Perez went 0 for 4 and has 144 hits.
8/18/7: Jeff DaVanon (92-94) Signed by Oakland and called up to bigs within a week "DaVanon was signed to a minor league contract on Aug. 10 after he was released by Arizona on Aug. 3. He opened the season on the Diamondbacks disabled list as he was recovering from surgery on his left ankle that ended his 2006 season in August. " | Watching Jeff DaVanon "There is no quit in this kid."
8/17/7: Jason Giambi (90) Hits two homers in win over Tigers
8/14/7: Kenny Maiques (04) Maiques sets Swing saves record "Maiques, a 22-year-old right-hander, allowed one hit and struck out two in 1 1/3 scoreless innings to notch his 27th save, eclipsing the mark set by John Huey of the Quad City Cubs in 1983."
8/14/7: Kennedy out for remainer of 2007 season
8/7/7: 756 "I would like to offer my congratulations to Barry Bonds on becoming baseball's career home run leader," Hank Aaron said. "It is a great accomplishment which required skill, longevity and determination."
Barry Bonds (83) Barry hits 755th Home Run to Tie Aaron "With his second-inning homer off Padres right-hander Clay Hensley on Saturday at PETCO Park, Bonds tied Aaron's cherished Major League Baseball career-best home run mark, and after the next one, he will be all alone in first place on the all-time list."
7/31/7: Braves acquire Royce Ring from Padres


Old Time Game Using Panners' 1964-70 uniforms

Johnny Pesky Manages

For Sale Here


Brendan Ryan (02) Mailbag: Will Ryan start at short in '08?

Broke his arm twice to help the Goldpanners win state and national championships [over the p'y Pilots both times, no less]

7/29/7: Redbird rebounds following college "Redbirds shortstop Brendan Ryan wasn't sure where his career was headed when he was dismissed from the Lewis-Clark State baseball team for the fourth and final time during the 2003 season. I figured I was gonna get a shot (at playing pro ball)," Ryan said. "But I wondered, 'Am I gonna get thrown into the 90th round because of a guy who has a personality conflict with me?'  Ryan's relationship with longtime Lewis-Clark State coach Ed Cheff was a tumultuous one. "Sometimes he didn't focus as much as I thought he could as a student," Cheff said. "He's a bright guy. At that point in his life, (school) wasn't as important as it should have been. ... He had some things he needed to get better at, and he actually went out and did it."  Ryan, whose time-keeping skills have occasionally been an issue within the Cardinals organization, drew headlines when he showed up late for a game in New York against the Mets. It turned out that Ryan's cab driver had taken him to Yankee Stadium instead of Shea Stadium. "  (omg, too funny... did I really just read this story??    Brendan Ryan: First Place: Craziest Panner Ever [ask me about the "plate story"] ..  First Place: Best Cheff Impersonation (Coming on YouTube: 2008). 

"Having found his (St. Louis) teammates had frozen his clothes, Ryan was struggling to thaw them out — and blowing a fuse in manager Tony LaRussa’s office in the process — when Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols pulled him aside. “Albert went to the training room and gave me a collared shirt,” Ryan said. “I was like, ‘Sweet!’ I got some acceptance from Albert Pujols. Nice."
7/28/7: Ryan Garko (00) "Clubhouse confidential: Clubhouse attendant Frank Mancini was busy the past few days facilitating gift exchanges between Indians first baseman Ryan Garko and Red Sox left fielder Manny Ramirez.  Ramirez is one of Garko's favorite players. They met for the first time earlier this season in Boston.  When Garko asked for a pair of Manny's custom-made batting gloves, Ramirez instructed Mancini to "give him whatever you want."  Mancini took two pair - one used, one unused - back to Garko.  When Mancini gave Ramirez two of Garko's bats, Manny was disappointed to see neither featured a signature. Garko was stunned that Ramirez, an 11-time All-Star, would want them signed by a still-unproven player. Garko, of course, signed."

Lake County's Beau Mills, right, was congratulated by teammate Matt McBride after Mills' two-run homer in the first inning.
 Photo by Mark Cornelison

7/27/7: Barry Bonds (83) Bonds hits 754th HR "Bonds hit his 754th home run in the first inning Friday night against the Florida Marlins, bringing him within one of Hank Aaron’s record."
7/27/7: Jim Dietz (70-71-72-73-74-75-76-77-90-91-92-93) Hall calls Mr. Padres, courtesy of Mr. Dietz "I don't know how many major leaguers played for me," Dietz said, "but one thing I do know is that every athlete that went on to be successful had a strong family that supported the coaches and whatever they were trying to do."
Beau Mills (06) Mills Making the Adjustment "You hear a lot of things about the day in and day out grind," continues Mills.  "People tell you that you don't know because you never have experienced it.  Once you walk through it you feel your body going through it.  And I think that the biggest thing is that day to day coming out every day and having to prepare yourself everyday.  You can't take a day off unless it is an off day.  That's the big thing is if you take a day off it could set you back for a long time.  That's something I have curved my whole life and now it is finally something that when I experience it head on it is really tough but I can deal with it." 
7/24/7: Coolbaugh was dedicated to baseball "He loved this game," said Express second baseman Brooks Conrad, who played with Coolbaugh. "He just could not get enough of it. I could go on and on about him. Bottom line, I'm going to think about him the rest of my life."
7/24/7: Ryan Garko (00) "Clubhouse confidential: Ryan Garko brought the latest, and last, Harry Potter book into the Indians locker room before Monday's game against Boston.  "The guys were all getting on me," said Garko. "Casey Blake was calling me a nerd."  In 2005, when Garko was at Class AAA Buffalo, teammate Mike Kinkade gave him the first six Potter books. He was hooked.  "I just want to see how it ends," said Garko. "I've been staying away from the TV, the Internet and newspapers, so I don't see or read anything about it."
7/23/7: Mourning coaches and players wonder about safety "Rangers third base coach Don Wakamatsu (84) turns sideways and moves his feet as the ball's crossing home plate like an infielder so he can react. But when a ball is screaming right at you, all you can do "is hope and pray you make the right decision to go one way or another,'' he said."
7/22/7: Jason Phillips (96) Jays part ways with Phillips "That's baseball forever," said Gibbons. "It's never easy telling guys that, never easy hearing it.''
7/20/7: Marc Kaiser
(02) Kaiser defeats River Cats "Written beneath the bill of Marc Kaiser’s hat are two reminders of what made him successful: his mother’s initials and the words “Warrior Mentality.”  Kaiser has been inconsistent this season with the Colorado Springs Sky Sox but his struggles pale when compared with the fate of his mother, Denise, who is bedridden after battling brain cancer for 10 years.  “I think I found it tonight,” Kaiser said. “I’ve always been known as a battler and a warrior. I just need to trust my stuff. I know I can do it.”
Tom Seaver (64-65) The Best Game I Ever Saw "It was the summer of '69, a crazy summer by any measure, and the Mets were chasing the Chicago Cubs in a new thing called the Eastern Division of the National League. July 9 was a Wednesday and the Mets had an 8:05 p.m. game against the Cubs at Shea. Tom Seaver was pitching for us. So that evening I strolled to the tent we had in our backyard -- a Coleman that smelled of bug spray -- unzipped the door, climbed into a sleeping bag in pajamas, and angled the transistor radio just so."
Barry Bonds (83) Rejuvenated Bonds hits 752 and 753 "At 753, suddenly Bonds is now two homers away from tying Aaron's Major League Baseball career-best 755 and three away from passing him into first place on the all-time list."
7/18/7: Jeff DaVanon (92-94) DaVanon Activated, Gets Start “I know on this team I’m more of a setup guy than a hit-the-long-ball kind of guy,” he said. “I try to take as many pitches and get as deep in the counts as possible so that when I get up here I can do the same things.”
Ryan Garko (00) Garko's Heroics Saves Tribe "what began as a night of rest for Garko turned into perhaps the first baseman's finest hour in a big-league uniform, as the Indians rallied past the White Sox, 6-5, in 11 innings at Jacobs Field."
7/17/7: Mike Cervanek (98) on verge of big time "Further examination of Orioles third baseman Melvin Mora's left foot today revealed a Grade I sprain that kept him out of tonight's lineup and likely will force him on the disabled list..  That arrangement would enable the Orioles to perhaps bring up an outfielder or a player such as J.R.House or Mike Cervenak from Triple-A Norfolk who is best suited to be a designated hitter and pinch hitter." (John Knott was recalled in this instance)

7/16/7: Beau Mills (06) Tribe's No.1 pick settling into life as a professional "Sit down for a chat with Beau Mills, and his smile is one of the first things you notice. Mills smiles a lot."
7/16/7: Tom Seaver (64-65) Seaver's 300th Victory (YouTube Video) | Seaver on Kiner "I look at the back table," Seaver laughed. "And there was Ralph Kiner and Ted Williams talking and not paying one bit of attention to what I was saying. And what do you think they were talking about? Hitting."

"Express infielder Brooks Conrad had a week to remember heading into the all-star break.  Not only did he lead the Pacific Coast League with five doubles in five games and rank second with a .542 on-base percentage while hitting .450, Conrad and his wife, Jessie, welcomed their first child, Jaxon, on the luckiest of days: July 7, 2007. "

7/8/7: Scott Robinson (01-02) Versatility a key for Music's Robinson "“He works hard, and that is what you have to do with this game,” Plantier said. “He has come a long way in a short period of time. He doesn’t belong here in the sense that he deserves the opportunity to move on.”"
7/8/7: Brendan Ryan (02) had two hits Sunday to improve his average to .314 as a starter. "I wanted to prove to myself, to my teammates that I belong at this level, that I can help," Ryan said. "I don't know how long I'm going to be here, so I want to keep going. ... Every time Tony comes by me I start holding my breath."

7/7/7: Brendan Ryan (02) Debut of the half-year "The good news for Cardinals rookie Brendan Ryan was, his first career home run was an extra-inning game-winner against the Mets on June 26. The bad news was, the day before, he'd tried to take a taxi to Shea Stadium -- and his cab driver took him to Yankee Stadium instead.  Eventually, he finally got to the right park. But when he did, he discovered that all the clothes hanging in his locker had been frozen by his always-hospitable teammates. So he tried warming up his clothes with a hair dryer -- and blew a circuit in the clubhouse, shorting out all the power in the office of his friendly neighborhood manager, Tony La Russa. All of which proves it's better to be a hot hitter than a cool dresser."
7/5/7: Jason Aspito (99) Signed by York Revolution
6/30/7: Beau Mills (06) Mills slams Hagerstown in Lake County Debut (Goldpanners Pic!!) "With one out in the third inning, Mills sent a drive over the center-field fence to give the Captains a 5-0 lead. He went 2-for-5 with two runs scored in his first game since being promoted from Class A Mahoning Valley of the New York-Penn League."
6/29/7: Jeff Davanon (92-94) DaVanon is back with the Oaks  "I had some tools, but back then I was my own worst enemy," DaVanon said. "If I did anything wrong, I was too hard on myself and I let it affect my game. I was able to get over that, and everything kind of took off from there."
6/28/7:  Brendan Ryan (02)
Ryan hits first career home run "St. Louis back-up shortstop Brendan Ryan, who is playing in place of the injured David Eckstein, hit his first career home run off of reliever Scott Schoenweis in the top of the 11th inning, lifting the Cardinals (34-40) to a 5-3 win over New York (42-33). "I just couldn't believe it really happened," Ryan said after going 3-for-4 with two runs scored and two RBIs. "I was just excited to come back in and get some high-fives. That was pretty much the best moment of my life right there."
6/28/7: Jessie Mier (05-06) Former IVC player Jessie Mier selected in MLB Draft "AT LCSC, Opponents were just 18 of 35 in stolen base attempts against him. He also hit .350, led the team in doubles with 26, tied for second in home runs with seven and his 60 RBI was second best on the squad behind Mills."
6/10/7: Mark Thompson (05-06) More Warriors go in the Draft "I was happy," said Thompson. "Going in the 8th round is a big moment in my life and I'm really happy to just get drafted and stuff like that. I don't have any special ties to Cleveland, but Beau Mills is there. That's always a plus. Hopefully I can play with Beau again. The Indian's organization is a good organization and I'm happy to be there."
Beau Mills (06)  Giants pass on Mills, fanbase sighs
Beau Mills (06)  Mills family excited for rising son - "Manager Terry Francona (78)  is also part of that family. Francona, 48, and Mills, 50, were college roommates at Arizona, teammates with the Expos in the early 1980s and coached together when Francona managed the Phillies.  "I'm excited," Francona said. " I really hope it's before the first pitch, so Millsy can be up there. That means he gets drafted in the first 16-17 picks. His stock really seems to be rising."  Beau Mills was drafted by the Red Sox in the 44th round in 2004, the same year they took Francona's son, Nick. Both picks were ceremonial, although general manager Theo Epstein has since needled his coaches that Beau was the one who got away. "It was all in fun," Brad Mills said. "I remember Theo said, `Why didn't you tell us he was that good?' I said, `Well, we said he's a good ballplayer.' He said, `Yeah, but you didn't tell me he was good.'"

2007 MLB Draft Coverage

  • Beau Mills (06) 1st Round, 13th Overall - Cleveland

  • Mark Thompson (05-06) 8th Round, 257th Overall - Cleveland

  • Chris Kissock (06) 9th Round, 293rd Overall - Philadelphia

  • Jessie Mier (05-06) 12th Round - Dodgers

  • Will Morgan (06) 12th Round - Mets

  • Matt Fitts (05-07R) 15th Round, 471st Overall - Houston

  • Matt Davis (signed) 30th Round, 928th Overall - Angels

  • Josh Blake (07) 35th Round, 1059th Overall - Arizona

  • Clay Van Hook (05) 45th Round, 1332nd Overall - Seattle

  • Joe Ayers (05) 48th Round, 1398th Overall - Arizona

6/7/7: Beau Mills (06) 1st Round, 13th Pick to Cleveland "Right when I found out about the pick, I turned to my dad and said "I'm gonna be playing against you." / Mills Set for Draft Party (Video) The Cleveland Indians, picking only once in the first 4 rounds due free agent compensation rules this year, have drafted Lewis-Clark (Idaho) State College third baseman/first baseman Beau Mills. Mills is a 20 year old power hitting prospect that plays both first and third base.
Beau Mills (06) Big Time Prospect: Beau Mills "He's the best left-handed hitter I've ever been associated with in terms of power and proficiency," said coach Ed Cheff, who also coached Mills in the Alaska Baseball League, a summer league for top college players. Mills credits time spent with his father and Cheff for his improvement, as well."
6/2/7: : Beau Mills "is surging up the first round of mock drafts following a brilliant season at Lewis-Clark State College."
6/2/7: Brendan Ryan (02) GP2MLB#188 Ryan called up, hitless in first major league at-bat He was informed that he'd gotten "the call" following Memphis' game on Friday.  "After the game, Anthony [Reyes] bought the spread and I was hanging out enjoying a nice meal," Ryan said. "Hammer [manager Chris Maloney] called me in and was like, 'I've got some bad news for you. We're not going to have you around here anymore.'"
5/23/7: Scott Robinson (
01-02 MVP) Steak moves to 5 Scott Robinson played his first game behind the plate this season, starting the previous four games at first, and called a game which saw starting pitcher Vern Sterry pitch six shutout innings with 5 Ks, and reliever Drew Shetrone pitch three scoreless frames with six strikeouts. But calling pitches is not the only hard part of moving behind the plate for a game for Robinson. Robinson throws lefty when he plays first base, but switches to throwing with his right arm when he’s behind the plate. “Yeah, I think Phil doesn’t know which arm he wants me to warm up.” Robinson said the plan is for him to catch about twice a week, but no matter where he plays in the field, Robinson continues to rake, hitting .550 so far. “I’m feeling great out there. It seems like every night one guy gets a hit and it just snowballs.” When asked if he might try switch hitting, Robinson said he didn’t think so. “I hit lefties better anyway, so it doesn’t really make sense. I do golf righty, though.”
5/22/7: Scott Robinson (
01-02 MVP) Aggressive play leads to Macon sweep  Robinson 3-for-5 ; Scott is set to catch tonight, his pro debut as an ambidextrous player. Macon Music
5/22/7: Added to Professionals - Outside the Lines: Brett Andrade (03-04-05) Prudential California Realty Ruby Hill  "Ruby Hill is a highly specialized real estate company dedicated to luxury properties in the Livermore, Amador and San Ramon Valleys."
Jason Giambi (90) Giambi: Drugs did not make Bonds a hitter "I know people have a tough time accepting it, but what he's doing is unbelievable. And I don't care what people say — nothing is going to give you that gift of hitting a baseball. If it were that easy, how come you don't see anyone else doing what he has done?"
Jason Giambi (90) Jason builds mini-Yankee Stadium for kids "Bronx Bomber Jason Giambi is helping to build a sports complex that a kid could only dream of - a scaled-down version of Yankee Stadium in the California town where he and late pitcher Corey Lidle played high-school baseball together."
5/14/7: Greg Sain (
99-00) Leaving the Diamond "You were the best player on your high school team, maybe even in the league, star player in college culminating in being drafted by a major league team. Next thing you know you’re bouncing between organizations, earning the dreaded title of an “organization” or “4A”player” and then you’re finished with baseball in your mid-twenties trying to figure out what to do with your life."
Tom Seaver (64-65) Mets pitcher struggles in loss  "A disarming smile appeared on Tom Seaver's face, as he reached Jon Matlack and welcomed him to the Won-Nothing fraternity."
5/10/7: Brad E, Davis (03)
Florida Marlins Promote Davis to AAA Albuquerque "Still, it made the wake-up call from their Chattanooga, Tenn., hotel at 5:45 a.m. and the 61/2-hour flight to Albuquerque with a 31/2-hour layover in Atlanta worth it. “The beginning of the day was a little tough, but then the adrenaline took over”

5/8/7: Johnny Coit (04) Coit signs with Frontier League River City Rascals "Former Granite Hills High standout JOHNNY COIT, who started in centerfield for three seasons at CSU Northridge, has signed a professional contract with the River City Rascals of the Frontier League. Coit will return to catcher with the independent league franchise, a position where he earned All-Grossmont South League honors, helping Granite Hills to the 2002 Grossmont South League title."

5/7/7: Justin Fuller (05) Little Leaguers celebrate opening day at the Diamond "How's it goin' kids?' White asked the players in the beginning of a mini-pep talk. "Fuller and I started out where you are," he told them, advising them to work hard and not get discouraged."

Caleb Balbuena
Caleb Balbuena (97)

Mike Cervenak (98)

5/6/7: Q&A With Mike Cervenak (98) "Triple A Norfolk : Third baseman Mike Cervenak (98) made a good impression on the Orioles in spring training, and he's still getting noticed. Cervenak, who also plays first, hit safely in eight of nine games during a recent hot stretch. Entering yesterday, he was batting .327 with 33 hits and 19 runs in 26 games. Cervenak finished last month tied for fourth in the league with 44 total bases"
Barry Bonds (83) Hits 744th Home Run : Within 11 of the Hammer "Whether he's hitting or he's walking, it still changes the game," winning pitcher Noah Lowry said."

Rick Monday

Graig Nettles

Don Reed

5/3/7: Sung Wei-Tseng (05) Tseng Has Best Start of the Year
5/3/7: Barry Bonds (83) Free Passes on Rise as Bonds Heats Up "San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds is at it again, terrorizing the National League on his way to breaking Hank Aaron's career home run record, and he's starting to pay the price. Opponents, fearing the return of Bonds' home run prowess, have stopped pitching to him."  Round Rock Express : Brooks Conrad (99-00) shelled out a career-high three doubles, matching a franchise record.
4/30/7: San Diego Padres Recall Royce Ring (00) from Portland -- The San Diego Padres today recalled left-handed pitcher Royce Ring from Triple-A Portland and optioned left-hander Justin Hampson to that same Portland club.  Royce Ring, 26, has posted a 1.32 ERA (2 ER/13.2 IP) in 11 relief appearances with Portland this season. He has not been scored upon in his past five games with the Beavers (5.0 IP), including 1.1 innings yesterday at Tucson. A native of La Mesa, Calif., who attended San Diego State, Ring went a combined 0-2 with 3.47 ERA (9 ER/23.1 IP) in 26 Major League games over parts of two seasons with the New York Mets (2005-2006). He was acquired by the Padres on Nov. 15, 2006 along with right-hander Heath Bell in exchange for outfielder Ben Johnson and right-handed pitcher Jon Adkins. Ring made seven official Spring Training appearances with the Padres before his March 22 option to Portland. He was 1-0 with a 4.91 ERA (4 ER/7.1 IP).
4/29/7: MiLB 2007 Draft Report: Brad Mills "he hit 14 homers and hit .355 in 2006 and was even better with Lewis-Clark State this year. In a class short on impact college bats, Mills has only helped his draft status. it's easy to tell the younger Mills grew up around the game. He plays the game the right way."
4/28/7: Emerson Frostad (
03) Frostad off to fast start in Frisco "Frostad’s numbers last year at Bakersfield – a .320 batting average and 30 doubles – also told the Rangers that he was ready for Double-A pitching. So Frostad is playing yet another position."
4/27/7: Matt Kasser (
05) Joined Colliers International as an associate in the Seattle corporate services team of Peter Truex and John Peterson. Kasser is a 2006 graduate of the University of Washington.
4/19/7: Jason Lane (96-97) Three-run Home Run lifts Astros over Reds

4/13/7: 2002 Alaska Goldpanners NBC Tournament MVP infielder Blake Gill has announced his intention to voluntarily retire. Gill played in 81 games with the Joliet JackHammers in 2006, mostly at second base and hit .298 with four home runs and 39 RBI.

4/2/7: Goldpanners on MLB Opening Day Rosters



Barry Bonds, SFG

Bobby Crosby, OAK

Dave Bush, MIL

Terry Francona, BOS

Jose Cruz, SDP

Ryan Garko, CLE

Greg Dobbs, PHI

Jason Giambi, NYY

Aaron Heilman, NYM

Jason Phillips, TOR

Jacque Jones, CHC

Mike Young, TEX

Adam Kennedy, STL


Jason Lane, HOU


3/30/7: Switching teams: Brett Andrade, Ricky Fairchild, Trevor Mortensen, Marc Tugwell, Paul Keck.
3/28/7: Andy Young’s journey from line drives to literature "Young was always involved in some way with the sport, even back in college when he’d announce the games for the radio, maybe write them up for the college paper. He says his love extended to realizing that he wasn’t good enough to play baseball later in life, but he figured he could still be a part of the game."
Ryan Garko (00) Makes Cleveland's Opening Day Roster "Cancel that next meeting of the Hyperventilate About Ryan Garko Support Group.  Garkniks can rest easy: He will be in the Indians' dugout on opening day.   The Tribe made its final cuts of spring training Wednesday, and Garko survived."

3/19/7: Jason Lane (96-97) Continues hot hitting for Astros "Jason Lane doesn't know where he'll be when camp breaks in less than two weeks, but he hopes his Spring Training performance is enough to convince the Astros to give him a spot on the Opening Day roster. His performance on Monday certainly didn't hurt his case."
3/14/7: Brendan Ryan (02) shows he can have a future in the Majors Tony La Russa said, "He has shown big league ability. He now has to show major league consistency."
3/12/7: Sung-Wei Tseng (05) Minor leaguers make major impression "Sung-Wei Tseng, 22, the Taiwan Amateur Pitcher of the Year in 2006, looked very good. He has a good fastball and sharp slider. He also has a little hesitation at the top of his delivery ... nothing like the extended stretch of Japan's Hideo Nomo, however. He likely uses it as a timing mechanism"
1/21/7: David Gassner (00) Big leaguer Gassner puts on clinic in his hometown
Bobby Crosby (99) Should be Ready for Opening Day - Crosby (back) has started to work out and should be healthy by Opening Day. "He said he was feeling pretty good," manager Bob Geren said of Crosby. "He'd just started doing baseball movements, and everything was fine. I can't say for sure that he'll be 100 percent right away because I haven't spoken to him recently, but I expect him to be ready by Opening Day for sure."
1/20/7: Brad E. Davis  (03) Invited to Florida Marlins' spring training camp
1/20/7: Greg Dobbs (00) Who is Greg Dobbs?  Why Did the Phillies Grab Him?
1/18/7: Mike Lissman (04-05-06) Lissman focused on just one goal (2004) "When out on the grass, Lissman shares the outfield with junior Aaron Mathews (03) and sophomore Jacoby Ellsbury.  The three have recently become familiar with the reputation of being the "middle of nowhere outfield" as they come from small towns in Oregon. Mathews hails from John Day, Ellsbury is from Madras and Lissman is from Ontario. With the total population of the three towns combined equaling 17,899, it solidifies the bond the three share and the camaraderie of the team. Not to mention that Mathews also played a role in Lissman's decision to go to Oregon State."
1/19/7: "As expected, infielder Greg Dobbs (00) was placed on waivers by the Mariners, who were faced with a need to create a spot on the 40-man roster.  Philadelphia claimed Greg off waivers from Seattle."

1/16/7: Sung-Wei Tseng (05) Indians sign Taiwanese right-handed pitcher Sung-Wei Tseng

1/15/7: Ryan Garko (00) 2000 Season Blog: Why not give Garko a shot? "I can't say I agree with the way the Indians are handling this situation. It seems to me they are discouraging a promising young player in Garko and perhaps overly encouraging an equally promising young player in Marte. "
1/8/7: Marc Kaiser (02) Marc Kaiser and a trip to Corpus Christi