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ALL-ABL : Timmons (94-8-9-0-1-2 MVP-3 MVP), C Best (02-03), 1B Culpepper (03 MVP), OF Blasi (03), CLOSER McCaslin (03), P Fairchild (03) - Cheff (02-03) Coach of the Year

Timmons & Culpepper 2003 Most Valuable Players

Jeff Culpepper

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Sean Timmons

H.A. (Red) Boucher

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12/31/3: C.J. "Scoop" Nunes - Remembering good ol' Scoop | NBC Hall of Fame "Has been involved with the Santa Marina Indians since 1957. He bean with the Indians selling programs and taking tickets. He was promoted to General Manager in 1961. Served as President and Chariman of the Board for Indians which have competed in 17 NBC World Series." | Proclaimed "Mr. Baseball" by Santa Maria Mayor Lavagnino | Beat Pilots in 1982 to win NBC World Series Title

12/29/3: Ryan Schroyer (02 MVP) Named Preseason All-American
12/29/3: 2004 Pre-Season All-Americans - Will Fenton (03) Ryan Schroyer (02 MVP)

12/24/3: Bret Boone (88) Naughty and Nice list - "Always accommodating and quotable, Mariners second baseman is a terrific hitter and fielder who babbles more than a brook unless he's in a broadcast booth."
12/24/3: Bavasi riding lucky streak "An infielder? Maybe a nod to Justin Leone or Greg Dobbs. (Dobbs, a third baseman, may eventually be the big bat the Mariners regularly covet but never seem to land.)


12/22/3: Chris Mabeus takes step towards big-league dream -
Peninsula Oilers

12/19/3: Jason Giambi (90) Joined 5-nation USO Tour
12/19/3: Alaska Pictures - 96th Midnight Sun Game

12/18/3: Ed Cheff (2002-03-04) Interview with High School Baseball Web
12/18/3: Adam Kennedy (95 MVP)
Signs three year contract with Anaheim

12/17/3: Now Available from Scratch 'n Spit Baseball Cards : ALASKA GOLDPANNERS OF FAIRBANKS 2003 TEAM SET

12/16/3: 2004 PannerVision - Updated Options "Option 4: FREE Broadcast of Games at www.Paltalk.com - AUDIO-ONLY BROADCAST IN PANNER-FAN LIVE CHAT ROOM"
12/16/3: 2004 Alaska Goldpanners Schedule
12/16/3: Skagway, Alaska Ball Player ca. 1908
1988 Goldpanner Cards on Ebay

12/14/3: George Horton (81-83) Named College Coach of the Year by Baseball America - Dave Brundage (85) (Minor League Manager of the Year), Barry Bonds (83) Player of the Year
12/14/3: Bobby Crosby (99|MLB#182) Heir apparent as Tejada signs with Baltimore

12/12/3: Dan Plesac (81) Retires after 18 year major league career (Barry Bonds becomes the oldest Panner in MLB)
12/12/3: Bobby Crosby (99|MLB#182) A's, Crosby await Tejada's decision

12/10/3: Bryan Price's North Pole Nicks Jacket on Ebay
12/10/3: Q&A With ASU Coach Mike Rooney (99)

12/9/3: Mike Moat (02) Great Falls White Sox - Stats & Pic added
12/9/3: Marc Tugwell (01) Lakewood Blue Claws - Stats & Pic added

12/8/3: All-Time Board of Directors - Updated
12/8/3: Bret Boone (88) Mariner's Roster Remake - Seattle "If no name like Houston's Geoff Blum pops out at them there, the M's could see if kids Justin Leone and/or Greg Dobbs (00) look ready in camp, which is not likely, although both are well-regarded."

12/4/3: Jason Giambi (90) Cover athlete for ESPN "ESPN Videogames is proud to announce that New York Yankees slugger Jason Giambi will be the official spokesperson and cover athlete for ESPN Major League Baseball."

12/4/3: Terry Francona (78) Named Boston Red Sox Manger

11/30/3: PNC Park Pics Added to The G-Man's Page

11/29/3: Ryan Garko (00) Budding beyond his nickname
11/29/3: Jeff DaVanon (92-94) Future Angels Pics
11/29/3: College Sports TV Baseball Page
11/29/3: The Diamond Angle - Top-notch college baseball site.  Many Goldpanners pics - Outside Links

11/28/3: Brooks Conrad (99-00 MVP) New Orleans Zephyrs (AAA) - Transferred from Salem Avalanche to New Orleans Zephyrs
11/28/3: Todd Leathers (01 MVP) Life in the Minors "Our team trainer, former University of Hawaii grad assistant Josh Seligman, started to share his tailgating stories from Aloha Stadium, which of course prompted Todd "Mr. Penn State" Leathers to tell us how great Penn State tailgates were."

11/27/3: Bobby Crosby (99|MLB#182) Picture Pages | Yahoo Fan Club | BobbyCrosby.net

11/26/3: 7/31/03 - Plane Crash Game - Updated
11/26/3: Greg Dobbs (00) Added to 40-man Major League roster
11/26/3: Terry Francona (78) Candidate Francona has a physical

11/25/3: Ryan Schroyer (02 MVP) - PannerVision
11/25/3: Ryan Garko (00) Five 2000 Team Rookie Cards for One Price

11/24/3: Ryan Garko (00) Named Stanford's 2003 Most Valuable Player - Ryan Garko took home both the Stanford MVP award and the Jack Shepard Memorial Award
11/24/3: 2003 Alaska Goldpanners of Fairbanks | Jeff Culpepper (03 MVP) | Jake McLintock (03) | Nick Walsh (03) | Kevin Welch (03) |  6/14/3 vs. Fairbanks Men's League All-Stars | 7/9/2003 vs. Anchorage Glacier Pilots | 7/14/2003 vs. Anchorage Bucs - Updated
11/24/3: Lewis-Clark State College Ranked #1 IN NAIA in Pre-Season Poll
11/24/3: Brad A. Davis (03), Emerson Frostad (03), Marc Kaiser (02) - Named to 2003 NAIA All-American Teams

11/23/3: Bret Boone (88) Top 10 MVP finish
11/23/3: Ed Cheff (02-03) | James Guerrero (03) | Brad E. Davis (03) | Emerson Frostad (03) | Drew Jenson (03) | Sean Timmons
(1994-98-99-00-01-02 MVP- 03 MVP) - Updated

  11/22/3: Bret Boone (88) Up for MLB Player of the Year - Vote!
11/22/3: Tyler Best (02-03) - Updated
11/22/3: Nick Blasi (03) - Updated
11/22/3: Derek Bruce (03) - Updated

11/21/3: Kyle Allen (03) - Updated

11/20/3: Steve Schaad steps down as GM of NBC and Wranglers - NBC
11/20/3: All-ABL - Updated for 2003

11/19/3: 2003 Bucs | 2002 Bucs - Anchorage Bucs
11/19/3: DiEduardo and Baxter out in Kenai - Peninsula Oilers

11/18/3: Barry Bonds (83) Wins Sixth MVP Award! - 28 of 32 first-place votes | The greatest of this generation
11/18/3: Jeff DaVanon (92-94) Barely misses the arbitration cut "You never know what the Super-2 number is going to be exactly. Players work hard to get to a point where they reach arbitration eligibility. Jeff is a smart guy and he gets it. After I informed him, we talked about it a little bit and he said, 'OK, it's out of my control. I'll just go play hard next year.'"

11/16/3: Fairbanks, Alaska photo album

11/15/3: Miners' GM President of the ABL - Frontiersman "Joining Christopher on the staff for the 2004 season is Alaska Goldpanners general manager Don Daniels" (vice president/secretary)." - Mat-Su Miners, Don Daniels
11/15/3: Jeremy Reed ready, raring to go "During the past offseason, Reed worked out with his friends Brian Kennedy and his older brother, Adam Kennedy (95 MVP), the starting second baseman for the 2002 World Series champion Anaheim Angels." - Peninsula Oilers
11/15/3: Barry Bonds (83) To pursue own licensing deal | ESPN
11/15/3: Keoz9.com - Sports Vertical Portal Added to Outside Links

11/14/3: Goldpanners Teams Page - Updated!
11/14/3: Barry Bonds (83) Should be a lock for MVP | HR Run OK with Hank
11/14/3: Adam Kennedy (95 MVP) Injured Angels improving
11/14/3: Bobby Crosby (99|MLB#182) Prospers in Minors

11/13/3: 2004 Warrior Baseball Page - Lewis-Clark State College - Added to Cheff, Best, Welch, 2004, Collegians

11/12/3: Completely Updated Pressbox - Revisit the 2003 Season in full

11/11/3: Brett Garrard (02) Named co-captain of Ohio State

11/10/3: 2003 Baseball Card Set Page - Available in December

11/7/3: Updated AIA Contact Information

11/6/3: Barry Bonds (83) The Inimitable Barry Bonds "Only one player in the entire history of Major League Baseball has ever finished a season with an OPS 500 points (or better) above the average of their league, for three years in a row.  That player is Barry Bonds"
11/6/3: Jose Cruz, Jr. (93) Snares Gold Glove "Longtime Giants' followers considered Cruz the team's best defensive right fielder since Bobby Bonds, and manager Felipe Alou raised comparisons to Hall of Famer Roberto Clemente."
11/6/3: Sunday, November 9 on Talkin' Baseball with Tim Donner and Syd Thrift - The Long Ball: The Summer of '75 - Spaceman, Catfish, Charlie Hustle - and the Greatest World Series Ever Played. (radioamerica.org and Sirius Satellite Radio (Channel 122) from 4:00- 6:00pm ET (1:00-3:00 PT).  

11/5/3: Royce Ring (00) Follow Royce's Qualifying Tourney at MLB | At Baseball America | Throws Shutout Inning vs. Columbia | Google News
11/5/3: Bret Boone (88) Jose Cruz, Jr. (93) Win 2003 Golden Glove | Cruz wins Gold Glove

11/3/3: Adam Kennedy (95) Angels pitch in to help community

2003 ABL







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Good to be a Goldpanner  - Don Dennis

1999 Team Set
2002 Goldpanners
Decade: 1993-2002
2002 ABL Top Prospects

Series Records
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Ryan Haag (02)
(Mark Schnabel/Newton

Mike Kelly (89 MVP)
(Mike Rynearson/ AZ Republic)


10/29/3: Bret Boone (88) Joins Bonds as Silver Slugger
10/29/3: Declared Six-Year Free Agents: Pettyjohn, Donnels, Kelly, Rushford, Parker, Belitz, Soules, Zuniga

10/28/3: Barry Bonds (83) Wins 11th Silver Slugger Award

10/25/3: Added 2003 Card to Kyle Allen (03)

10/21/3: Barry Bonds (83) 'Not a target'

10/20/3: Bonds (83), Giambi (90) Subpoenaed in doping trial - More "among several high-profile athletes subpoenaed by a federal grand jury investigating Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative (BALCO), a nutritional supplement firm, it was reported in the San Francisco Chronicle."

10/19/3: Baseball cartoons

10/16/3: H.A. 'Red' Boucher (1960-61-62-63-64-65-66-67-68-69) Wireless technology for rural Alaskans
10/16/3: Todd Winston (90-91) Named Head Coach of Northern Ohio Baseball in Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League "Todd spent his summers playing for the Alaska Goldpanners coached by then San Diego State Head Coach Jim Dietz. He was a two-time all-star and stills hold the record for throwing out would be base stealers at 70%. He was also a 1992 U.S. Olympic invitee"

10/15: Bret Boone (88) Color Commentator on FOX Sports Postseason Broadcasts

10/14: Push comes to shove for Zim "I said I'm sorry, but the only thing I'm sorry about is that I didn't knock that skinny little SOB's butt clear into the Charles River. And I would have done it, too, if he hadn't caught me off guard and tripped me. I was expecting him to put up his dukes and fight like a real man would do in that situation and instead he pulls some shifty little move you wouldn't expect from a 10-year-old girl or even Bill Lee. "

10/13: Jason Lane (96-97) Surgery Successful

10/8: Terry Aldridge (BOARD) Wins Assembly Seat F
10/8: Eddie Bane (82) Named Eddie Bane scouting director
10/8: Terry Francona (78) Interviews for Chicago White Sox Manager job

10/7: Recalling Memorable Moments - Alex Barta "You have to take a look back to see how significant a moment in time has become.  That's what I did as I prepared to leave Fairbanks for my new home in Spokane, Wash., and it made me appreciate my two-and-a-half years in Fairbanks even more. The summer of 2002 was a golden one for the Alaska Goldpanners of Fairbanks. After winning the annual Midnight Sun game on their final at-bat, the Panners went on to win the National Baseball Congress National Championship Tournament in Wichita, Kansas."

10/1: McCaslin Sets Mark in Alaska League ""At first I was wondering 'Man, do I really want to do this? I am going to go there and just rocked and get hit all over the place.' But it turned out really good," McCaslin said."

9/29: Mike Moat (00) Invited to try out for Olympic squad
9/29: Ryan Schroyer (02 MVP) Aztecs incoming recruit class

9/26: Jason Lane (96-97) Sitting out Winter Ball for rehab
9/26: Added Bill of Rights Alaskan Iditarod Race: Nome to Washington to Alaska

9/23: Dennis Cook (83) Joins Longhorns as assistant coach

9/21: Aaron Heilman (98) No Decision "His rookie year may be over. And the Mets still have no idea what they have in Aaron Heilman"

9/20: Darrel May (91) 5-1 in last six starts

9/15: Barry Bonds (83) Exit would create a Giant hole
9/15: Aaron Heilman (98) A Work in Progress
9/15: Bobby Crosby (99|MLB#182) Oakland A's Player Page | Walks to Sweep "Bobby Crosby was strutting around in a hot velvet pimp suit, complete with a three-foot leopard-skin fedora. "Zito got that one out of his closet," Tim Hudson said. It was the A's annual rookie-hazing, this time run by Barry Zito: Make the kids fly across the country and walk through a couple of airports looking like overgrown trick-or-treaters. "

9/10: Bobby Crosby (99|MLB#182) Named PCL's MVP Pacific Coast League today named Sacramento River Cats shortstop Bobby Crosby its “Rookie of the Year” for the 2003 season" | Waiting in the Wings
9/10: Unlucky Harding visits state in 1923 "Speaking at a baseball field in Fairbanks, Harding "promised that his administration would work to the utmost to help develop Alaska." When he got back to Seattle, though, Trani and Wilson reported, the president "asserted a surprisingly conservationist position for the development of Alaska" in a speech probably drafted by Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover."

9/4: Zak Basch (01-02 MVP) Spinners end year with win "Zak Basch (1 inning, 1 hit) and Brian Marshall (1 inning, 0 hits) kept the Expos off the board in relief."

9/3: Bobby Crosby (99) - MLB#182 Major League Debut! A's Recall Bobby Crosby, Demote Mike Wood | A's Promote Tejada Heir Apparent Crosby | A's call up hot-hitting Crosby | Crosby added for playoff insurance
9/3: Tim Montgomery (02-03) Leaves UH for Indians - Signed with Cleveland (23rd Round Pick in 2003), will report later this month
9/3: Barry Bonds (83) A Son's Gift to His Father We Can All Share - "Something, somebody, must pay. Barry knows what Bobby would want as a monument -- the same thing he always asked for: Greatness. So the baseball must suffer. "

9/2: Added to PannerVision - 7/31/3 - Plane Crash Game - Watch with Premium, Single Day, or Single Game Package

9/1: Culpepper and Timmons Named MVPs
9/1: Emerson Frostad (03) Rangers ink Frostad to Contract "Emerson's topsy-turvy 2003 began when he decided to honour his commitment to play for the Fairbanks Goldpanners of the Alaskan League. He helped the Goldpanners win the league title and advance to the National Baseball Congress World Series in Wichita, Kan.   Fairbanks placed 11th but Frostad played well, batting .380, and the Rangers took notice... "I decided I would go back to school but they had seen me play again after we decided that," Frostad said. "They liked what they saw and kind of changed their minds at the last minute." (Otherwise called "The Panner Factor") 

8/31: Barry Bonds (83) Emotional Return: Homers in First Game Back (7 Behind Mays for Third All-Time) "Trainer Stan Conte took Bonds' pulse in the dugout. It was between 150 and 160 beats a minute. It should have been closer to 100 or 110. Conte suggested that Bonds come out of the game, and Bonds demanded to keep playing... It was Bonds' 40th homer -- one more than his dad's career high -- giving him seven seasons of 40 or more. That broke the club record of six, which belonged to Mays, his godfather." 

8/30: NBC CHAMPS - CHINESE TAIPEI - Newest Pic Pages 

8/28: Mike Benjamin (85) Assistant Coach of Chandler, AZ Little League - Club made Semi-Finals in Williamsport 

8/27: World's biggest battery switched on in Fairbanks

8/26: Emerson Frostad (03) Signed by Texas to deal reportedly worth $110,000, 3 years of college, Will be assigned to a professional fall league

8/23: Bucs hire new manager: Matt Priess - "Priess, who advanced as high as Class AA in the San Francisco Giants organization, is an engineer and is working on a master's degree in kinesiology. But Friday was his last day at his engineering job -- he begins work Monday as an assistant coach at the University of California."
8/23: Ben Julianel (00) Traded to Yankees in Hitchcock deal

8/22: Taipei thankful to set NBC first "Basically, we had to fight out butts off to make it this far," Foresters third baseman Kevin Frandsen said. "It's been that kind of tournament. The teams that showed the most character stayed around, I think."
8/22: Barry Bonds (83) Move over Babe and Hank "The year after his spectacular 2001 season, Bonds and Aaron met to talk baseball at the Giants' spring training home in Scottsdale, Ariz. Bonds has grown up around greatness -- with his father, Bobby, and his godfather, Willie Mays, and many others -- but that spring in 2002 was the first time Aaron and the younger Bonds had had a meaningful talk. Aaron told Bonds that records were made to be broken. He told him that he had held the home run record long enough. Bonds was flabbergasted. "He told me," Bonds said at the time, "to get all I could get out of the game of baseball."
8/22: Jason Lane (
96-97) Called up to Houston!

8/20: END OF NBC RUN | COMING BACK HOME - Last 2003 Season Pic Page

8/19: Can't wait 'til next year "The Goldpanners, though unable to repeat as champions, do have the consolation of being the only team to defeat eventual champion Chinese Taipai, which in winning the title became the first international titleholder of the NBC series. The Goldpanners, while losing this year, nevertheless retain their overall series record of six titles."

8/18: Professional Baseball Leaderboard - #4 Batting, Brendan Ryan (02)

8/17: Chinese Taipei gives foreign substance to NBC World Series "Chinese Taipei became the first foreign team in the 69-year history of the World Series to win the championship with a 5-0 win over the Santa Barbara" | TAIPEI'S TITLE | Chinese Taipei shuts out Santa Barbara for NBC tournament title

8/16: Chinese Taipei - First International team to ever win NBC title (Fairbanks edges Chinese Taipei)
8/16: EARLY NBC - Added even more new pics

8/15: Ryan Schroyer (02 MVP) ASU committee denies pitcher's appeal in transfer case "Schroyer's father, Lynn, denied that anything unscrupulous occurred and said that Murphy was the one who suggested Schroyer transfer to Fullerton, which had eliminated ASU in a NCAA super regional just five days earlier. Murphy said he did not do so."
8/15: Transfer ruling may come today for ASU pitcher "Arizona State closer Ryan Schroyer (02 MVP) will learn today or Thursday whether his appeal to allow him to transfer to Cal State Fullerton will be granted by a three person panel"
8/15: Tigers' Rodland saves best for last "Scott Robinson's lead-off homer to right field in the fifth put the ValleyCats ahead, 4-1"

8/14: "Newspapers in Arizona report that Arizona State closer Ryan Schroyer (02 MVP) will transfer to San Diego State for his senior season. Sun Devils coaches had blocked his plan to transfer to CS-Fullerton. Schroyer was 5-2, 1.53 with 9 saves this spring" (SD Sports Town)

8/14: Added 2000 Midnight Sun Game to PannerVision Premium
8/14: Upgraded 2003 PannerVision SEASON PASS HOLDERS to a full winter of PannerVision Premium (Buy 12-MONTH SEASON PASS now for entire winter, plus 2004 season!)
8/14: Final, Unofficial 2003 Statistics (Final, Official Due September 1, with naming of MVPs)
8/14: Heat upsets Goldpanners in 15 innings - "A pair of hit batters to open the first inning led to two Havasu runs. An error in the bottom of the fifth gave Fairbanks a run. The Goldpanners tied the game on a bases-loaded double play ball in the sixth."

8/13: Panners, AIA fall out of Series "By DANNY MARTIN, Staff Writer. There will be no repeat championship for the Alaska Goldpanners in the National Baseball Congress World Series."
8/13: Panners, AIA down to the wire "The Alaska Goldpanners and Athletes in Action may want to contact each other for advice on today's early morning elimination games at the National Baseball Congress" |  Panners, AIA in NBC loser's bracket

8/12: SUMMER FUN - Newest Pic Page

8/11: Panners, AIA in NBC loser's bracket
8/11: Panners fall to Heat in 15 innings

8/9: NO SUCH THING AS A DAY OFF - Latest Pic Page!
8/9: Baseball around the clock - Richard Larson "The Panners' most famous roster addition for the World Series came in 1983 when they added Barry Bonds to the lineup. Bonds joined an outfield that already featured Oddibe McDowell and Shane Mack. Bonds batted .222 in six World Series games with the Panners as the team went 4-2 and came up shy of the title. Bonds had a double, walked three times, scored two runs, drove in two runs and stole four bases in five attempts."
8/9: AIA advances in tourney "The win enabled Athletes in Action to join the Alaska Goldpanners as one of the eight remaining teams who will remain unbeaten after today's action in the 44th annual.."

8/8: Panners move forward Fairbanks team first to advance "With a large contingent of the crowd yelling for the Panners countered by Taipei fans cheering loudly in Chinese, Thursday's high-energy contest was a nail-biter down to the final out."
8/8: Fairbanks edges Chinese Taipei "It was huge," Blasi said. "The first pitch was a fastball. I sat on it. Then he came in with sliders. I had to scoot up and scoot in. I didn't like it, but he went slider, slider, slider. He finally hung one. This had a big championship feel to it. This team is one of the best, if not the best, on our side of the bracket. We figured we have to beat them sometime to move on."
8/8: Panners win battle of unbeaten teams "WICHITA, Kan. -- Top-seeded Fairbanks (32-16) became the first team to advance to the NBC's winner's bracket quarterfinals. It will play either Havasu (Ariz.) or Pueblo (Colo.) at 4:30 p.m. (ADT) Sunday.."

8/7: 8/7 ScoreCast - Goldpanners vs. Chinese Taipei
8/7: Added Bandwidth Tester to PannerVision  (Click "Bandwidth Tester")

8/6: Fairbanks claims key win "There was no particular pitch working," Timmons said. "My location was pretty good tonight. Getting the lead early was nice. These guys have been doing that for me all year. There wasn't really a lot of pressure. We've got five returning guys from last year. We're just going to play our game."
8/6: 8/5 ScoreCast - Goldpanners vs. San Diego Waves
8/6: Added Ricky Fairchild to All-Time Roster
8/6: Title defense begins "Alaska Baseball League Player of the Year Sean Timmons was backed by an explosive offense as the Alaska Goldpanners opened defense of their National Baseball"
8/6: Panners roll to a shutout "WICHITA, Kan. -- With Sean Timmons on the mound and many other returning standouts in the lineup, it looked a little routine.."
8/6: Pilots/Wichita pitcher has one eye, lots of talent
8/6: The Wichita Eagle "Greg Brummett (88), who represents everything good about Wichita State's past, is pitching in the NBC World Series this summer. Brummett, a 36-year-old father of two, recently was named head coach at Cloud County Community College after spending last season as the Air Force Academy's pitching coach."

8/5: ARRIVING IN WICHITA - Newest Pic Page!
8/5: Panners, AIA open Series play "The Alaska Goldpanners of Fairbanks and Athletes in Action-Alaska of North Pole will begin their drive for the National Baseball Congress World Series"

8/4: Zags Baseball Players Earn Summer League Honors "Culpepper earned first-team All-Alaska League honors playing for the Alaska Goldpanners club this summer."

8/3: Fairbanks teams to square off in Wichita "The Alaska Goldpanners rallied to defeat the Anchorage Glacier Pilots 8-3 in last year's championship game in Wichita, Kan., giving the Panners a record six titles"

8/2: Panners finish tourney in 2nd Victory over Oilers not enough to garner them Wood Bat title - Rich "The Panners (34-17) travel to Wichita, Kan., to begin the National Baseball Congress World Series on Tuesday. As the defending national champion and this year's Alaska Baseball League champions, the Panners are the No. 1 seed in the tournament and will face the San Diego Waves at 4:30 p.m. (ADT)."
8/2: Sean Timmons (1994 | 1998 | 1999 | 2000 | 2001 | 2002 MVP | 2003) Working man wins ABL Player of Year "This is the seventh summer Timmons has played baseball for his hometown Fairbanks Goldpanners at night and earned a steady paycheck working 8-5 at a health clinic."
8/2: Plane crashes near athletic fields (DN-M) "The wreck happened at 8:13 pm during the third inning of the baseball game between the Anchorage Bucs and the Alaska Goldpanners. About 500 people attended.
8/2: Plane Crash-Lands Near Athletic Fields - Tuscaloosa News "The wreck happened during the third inning of a minor-league (actually amateur - not pro or semi-pro - TDD) game between the Anchorage Bucs and the Fairbanks Goldpanners with about 500 people in attendance."
8/2: Baseball game interrupted by crash landing "The game between the Anchorage Bucs and the Fairbanks Goldpanners was in the third inning when the single-engine plane came in low."
8/2: Airplane Crash-Lands at Stadium in Alaska "The wreck happened during the third inning of a minor-league game between the Anchorage Bucs and the Fairbanks Goldpanners with about 500 people.."

8/1: PannerVision 2003 - Added Stars of the Game
8/1: Sean Timmons (94-98-99-00-01-02MVP-03) Named ABL Player of the Year "Timmons first made a brief appearance with the Panners in the 1994 season. After graduating from Armstrong College in Georgia, he returned in 1998 and has steadily earned more playing time each season. Last year, he was the most valuable starting pitcher for the Panners and this year, he topped that by being named the league's best player."
8/1: Four escape serious injuries "Ed Cheff, field manager of the Goldpanners, shook his head as he watched paramedics treat the brothers near the left field batting cage at Mulcahy. "I thought he was gonna land in the (baseball) field,'' Cheff said. "Four people lived through that? I don't believe it. ''Neither did Goldpanners pitcher Clay Johnson, who saw the scene from the first base dugout. "I looked above the left field fence and it was about 40 feet off the ground,'' Johnson said. "It's one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in my life.''
8/1: Panners, Fire tie for first "During the third inning of the Panners-Bucs game, a small plane crashed behind the outfield wall. The pilot of the plane managed to land the craft between the outfield at Mulcahy and the nearby Anchorage Football Stadium where a youth soccer game was being played. There were no fatalities.  One passenger walked away and others were taken to a hospital. The plane was inbound from the Cook Inlet area. The crash prompted a 47-minute delay before the Panners resumed batting in the top of the inning."

7/31: One swing of the bat enough for Fairbanks
7/31: Panners, Fire win dramatically "The Alaska Goldpanners and Athletes in Action Fire both posted dramatic last-at-bat victories to highlight Wednesday's action in the Anchorage Bucs Wood Bat'
7/31: Grand Forks International Tournament Website - Outstanding New Website
7/31: Jay Knowlton (02) Promoted to Hagerstown Suns
7/31: Launiers's feat jogs memory of Gagle "And while his scrapbook shows no further record, Rosso heard rumors that an arm injury ended Gagle Jr's career. An Internet search revealed that a third baseman named Ed Gagle played for the Alaska Goldpanners of the National Baseball Congress in 1965. He hit .337."

7/30: Comeback kids head to Wichita "The ABL season makes its teams tournament tough because the competition is so good. It's rated the second-best summer league in the country by many. The top league (the Cape Cod League) doesn't send any teams to Wichita." * You must be joking, Andy.. *
7/30: Panners edge Fire "The league champion Alaska Goldpanners of Fairbanks and Athletes in Action of North Pole played 10 innings (tournament games are seven innings)"
7/30: On to Wichita "The Alaska Goldpanners, with a storied history, will try to defend the title they claimed last year by defeating the Anchorage Glacier Pilots.
7/30: Added Ricky Fairchild to
NBC Roster

7/29: Kevin Welch - Newest Panner Page!
7/29: ABL Statistics Through 7/26
7/29: Wood bat tourney starts "The road to next month's National Baseball Congress World Series started out in opposite fashion for the Alaska Goldpanners of Fairbanks and the Athletes in Action"
7/29: State’s Polk says NCAA ‘enemy’ of college baseball "Mississippi State University head baseball coach Ron Polk leaves no doubt where he stands when it comes to the NCAA and its relationship with college baseball."

7/28: Major-league scouts eye Wood Bat Invitational "One of those teams is the Fairbanks Goldpanners, winners of the ABL title and last year's NBC World Series champions."
7/28: AIA will make pilgrimage to Kansas "AIA will join the league champion Fairbanks Goldpanners -- the defending NBC champs -- at the tournament next week."

7/27: Updated Statistics - Through entire ABL season
7/27: Panners win regular-season finale "The Alaska Goldpanners of Fairbanks worked overtime to claim a victory in the final game of their Alaska Baseball League season Saturday night in Anchorage."
7/27: Rain douses Fire "Thanks to Saturday's blustery weather in Fairbanks, Hermon Brothers Field becomes Growden Memorial Park South today and an important setting in the ABL"
7/27: Lights , camera . . . ""This is a lot more attention than we get at school," said Noles, who plays at New Mexico Junior College in Hobbs, N.M. "We never get any TV coverage."
7/27: Pitcher from Freehold is becoming player to watch - - in Alaska - Newark Ledger " Annual tradition: The Midnight Sun Baseball Classic is played on the
summer solstice, starting at 10:30 pm and played without lights."
7/27: 'Cats a top dog for first time " It's awesome to be in first after considering the beginning of our season," said Tri-City first baseman Scott Robinson, whose team opened the year 0-7."
7/27: Mets notes: Life good for Phillips "Jason Phillips is a candidate for National League Rookie of the Year, but he has a lot more important things on his mind of late. Like his new home and the forthcoming birth of his son. After Saturday's game, he also has a 14-game hitting streak."
7/27: Aaron Heilman (98) Rookie Heilman struggles again

7/26: AIA puts out Oilers fire ".. Pilots, who end their season tonight against the Mat-Su Miners in Palmer, are three games behind the first-place and league champion Alaska Goldpanners"
7/26: Miners dig deep, trounce Panners "The Mat-Su Miners took out a season of frustration on the Alaska Baseball League champion Alaska Goldpanners Friday night at Hermon Brothers Field in Palmer"

7/25: FAREWELL FAIRBANKS - Newest Pic Page!
7/25: Added Scotty Gomez visits Mulcahy to STANLEY CUP and

7/25: Oilers erupt in first inning; AIA falls "The Alaska Goldpanners, who were idle Thursday, secured the ABL title by virtue of AIA's loss and the Goldpanners' sweep of the Oilers in a doubleheader"
7/25: Bucs take cup "Derek Bruce's one-out single in the bottom of the 12th inning Wednesday lifted the Fairbanks Goldpanners to a wild, 10-9 ABL win over the visiting Peninsula" 

7/24: Panners earn return to Wichita "For the Alaska Goldpanners, a return trip to the National Baseball Congress World Series started down the third-base line at Growden Memorial Park"
7/24: New Record added to All-Time Records  - Most Hits, Game 1. 7 - Jeff Culpepper (#7, 7-for-7), July 23, 2003 vs. Peninsula Oilers)
7/24: TEAM PICTURES - Newest Pic Page
7/24: 7/23A - ScoreCast vs. Oilers7 - Game Two
7/24: 7/23B - ScoreCast vs. Oilers7 - Game Two

7/23: Oilers hold off Panners' rally
7/23: Oilers grit out victory against Goldpanners - Clarion "The Peninsula Oilers gritted out a win Tuesday, defeating the Alaska Goldpanners of Fairbanks 9-8 in Alaska Baseball League play at Growden Memorial Park"

7/22: ScoreCast vs. Peninsula Oilers - Game One, Growden Park
7/22: ANCHORAGE & STANLEY CUP - Latest Pic Page
7/22: Offense pushes AIA within two games of first "Athletes in Action has found its offense and has moved back to within two games of the first-place Alaska Goldpanners of Fairbanks in the Alaska Baseball"
7/22: Tim Montgomery (02-03) Added to 2003 NBC Roster!
7/22: ABL Statistics Through 7/19 - Panners hunting for Triple Crown (ERA, AVG, HR)
7/22: Crabs enjoy change of scenery "Ames has his own perspective on Gresham and the NBC World Series. "This is our Wichita," the coach said. "That's the way we're looking at it."
7/22: Pirates qualify for NBC World Series "..over Cape Girardeau. The victory gives the Pirates a berth in the NBC World Series, to be held Aug. 2-16 in Wichita, Kan"
7/22: Bound for Wichita "As it is, the Indians earn a trip to Wichita, Kan. and the NBC World Series - provided they have the funds to go. The NBC World Series begins in August."

7/21: PannerVision Page: Post-Season Pass Now Available - Buy now to avoid having technical problems interfere with your enjoyment.  | Technical Help and First-time Walkthrough
7/21: Destiny? - Newest Pic Page
7/21: Goldpanners win their way - Richard Larson
7/21: Fairbanks shows sunny disposition for Golden Days Parade "I NEVER GET tired of listening to the Frigidaires. The seemingly indefatigable Bill Stroecker, Karl Carlson and Rif Rafson play with enormous energy and enthusiasm. Being much in demand, they deserve thanks from the community for their willingness to entertain for Golden Days, where they've already played twice, and other events. "
7/21: Pilots' Adam Simon hurt during BP - "Simon, a freshman pitcher/outfielder from UCLA, was knocked unconscious for a brief time during batting practice. He was shagging fly balls in the outfield when a ball tipped off his glove and smashed into his lip, below the nose." In the sixth inning, Pilots officials announced Simon broke his nose and will soon undergo two root canals to reattach his teeth. He is expected to be out of the lineup for about a week."
7/21: Oilers leapfrog AIA for second place in ABL
7/21: Royce Ring (00) Centerpiece of Alomar trade
7/21: Dust Devils pound Boise 7-0 (7/7) "Starting pitcher Marc Kaiser was the recipient of the Dust Devils' offensive production, picking up his first professional win."
7/21: Ben Julianel (00
) Doing his thing is do-or-die now

7/20: Baseball winding down "Both the Alaska Goldpanners and Athletes in Action have only four home games remaining before they leave Fairbanks for the season"
7/20: Pilots' streak continues "Anchorage remains three games behind the first-place Fairbanks Goldpanners with three league games remaining. Mat-Su dropped its seventh in a row."

7/19: Panners roll over Bucs, 13-6 By BOB ELEY. "Thirteen turned out to be a lucky number for the Alaska Goldpanners of Fairbanks on Friday night."
7/19: Glacier Pilots hit game running "The Pilots snapped a 1-for-10 skid Wednesday by scoring four runs in the first inning of a 10-2 win over the Fairbanks Goldpanners." LATE THURSDAY | Pilots bounce back
7/19: Parade highlights celebration

7/18: Timmons shuts down Bucs' bats - "I know they were a little sluggish getting off the bus but heck they didn't get home until 4 o'clock this morning," Timmons said of his teammates. "All I ask every time I go out there is just to get me one or two."

7/17: PALMER, ALASKA - Newest Pic Page
7/17: Pitcher's bad idea works out just fine "Anchorage Glacier Pilots pitcher Steve Uhlmansiek did something stupid Wednesday before his start against the Fairbanks Goldpanners."
7/17: Mulcahy is house that boots built - Anchorage Daily News
7/17: Panners, Fire suffer washout days - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

7/16: Pilots mired by Clay "Clay Johnson has had an up-and-down season for the Alaska Goldpanners, but on Tuesday the sophomore right-hander from the University of Washington was on top.." | Panners make use of charity

7/15: Rally puts Panners back on top "The Alaska Goldpanners scored a pair of unearned runs in the top of the ninth inning, breaking a 1-1 tie on their way to a 3-1 victory over the Anchorage Bucs | Panners make use of charity 

7/14: ABL Leaders | Pilots end futility

7/13: Panners, Mat-Su each win one "Koley Kolberg pitched a complete game one-hit shutout to lead the Mat-Su Miners to a 2-0 win over the Alaska Goldpanners in the first game"

7/12: Ah, Fairbanks Homestand - Newest Pic Page

7/11: AIA tops reeling Pilots "Entering the game, the Fire was tied for the top spot with the Alaska Goldpanners after the Goldpanners swept the Pilots 3-2 and 6-4 in a doubleheader"

7/10: Panners sweep Pilots "Jon McCaslin closed out both ends of a doubleheader Wednesday as the Alaska Goldpanners struggled to a sweep of the Anchorage Glacier Pilots"
7/10: Motivation to win has deep roots "Alaska Goldpanners manager Ed Cheff doesn't plan to change the color of his hair any time soon to motivate his team. "To me,'' said Cheff, "you play because you want to establish a legacy of who you are. You want to be a respected player. You get a mentality that you want to earn the respect of your teammates and the people you play against--that's the motivation. I don't think it comes from the coaches; I think it comes from within you.''
7/9: Second Homestand - Newest Pic Page
7/9: Budding Goldpanners, Fire rivalry good for Interior baseball ".. in three years, the Goldpanners and Athletes in Action rivalry has become just that, a rivalry."
7/9: Panners inch closer to first place "The Alaska Goldpanners moved the ball deep into Growden Memorial Park and moved themselves closer to first place in the Alaska Baseball League.

7/8: AIA retakes share of first place "Athletes in Action pitcher Rich Sorenson silenced the Alaska Goldpanners' bats on Thursday night and his teammates pounded out 11 hits in a 7-2 Alaska Baseball"

7/7: Panners smoke AIA in 10-4 victory "The Alaska Goldpanners parlayed yet another strong pitching performance by Fairbanks' Sean Timmons and a 14-hit offensive attack into a 10-4 Alaska Baseball"

7/6: Frostad heats up Panners top AIA Fire, 4-2 "The Alaska Goldpanners first baseman drove in three runs with a triple and a double to propel the hosts to a 4-2 victory over the Athletes in Action Fire"

7/5: AIA tests Panners' mettle, wins 4-3 "Israel Victor was rewarded for his patience Friday night and it gave Athletes in Action a 4-3 victory over the Alaska Goldpanners at Growden Memorial Park"
7/5: Tim Leary Joins UCLA Baseball Coaching Staff
Ryan Garko (00) Wins Johnny Bench Award

7/4: Road Trip to Kenai - Newest Pic Page
7/4: Pilots stop AIA in mid-action

7/2: Road Trip to Anchorage - Newest Pic Page
7/2: Panners nip Miners "Behind the pair of clutch late-inning RBI hits from Blasi, the Alaska Goldpanners edged the Mat-Su Miners 5-4 in 10 innings on Tuesday at Growden Memorial Park"
7/2: Steve Rodriguez (90) Pepperdine Page

7/1: 2003 Updated Statistics
7/1: 2003 Midnight Sun Game - Newest Pic Page
7/1: Panners dig return to Growden - BOB ELEY.  "Home cooking turned out to be sweet for the Alaska Goldpanners on Monday night at Growden Memorial Park."

6/30: Bucs hang on to beat Goldpanners "Brad Davis of the Alaska Goldpanners slides into third base after advancing on a fly ball out as Mike Thompson of the"
6/30: Bucs keep Panners down despite six-run rally in top of the ninth
6/30: Goldpanners split twin bill with Oilers "The Oilers tied their four-game home series against the Fairbanks Goldpanners Thursday through Saturday at Coral Seymour Memorial Park." Oilers and Goldpanners split | Panners batters get their chance to shine |
Oilers grab their first league win

6/27: Peninsula drops to 0-6 in ABL after unearned run results in 1-0 "The Alaska Goldpanners of Fairbanks scored an unearned run in the ninth inning to defeat the Oilers 1-0 at Coral Seymour Memorial Park."
6/27: Miners pound Oilers "The team starts an eight-game homestand today with a 7 pm tilt against the Alaska Goldpanners of Fairbanks."
6/27: Timmons delivers shutout "Looking for a key victory before embarking on a road trip that will include six games in five days, the Alaska Goldpanners gave the ball to veteran Sean"
6/27: Perry evokes game of old "A few strokes after midnight, the owner of 314 major league wins appeared from the Goldpanners' dugout at Growden Park."

6/26: Aaron Heilman (98) Made major league debut GP2MLB#181 Panners pitcher gives up 1 earned run, loses on errors (FLASHBACK: 6/25 score Pilots beat Panners 1-0 on error at short)
6/26: Panners continue to struggle at the plate "The Alaska Goldpanners' offensive woes continued on Wednesday as they suffered a 1-0 loss to the Anchorage Glacier Pilots at Mulcahy Stadium."
6/26: Stellar pitching by Rivas lands Pilots a victory "from starter Rick Rivas and a redemptive ninth inning from closer Ricky Fairchild to earn a 1-0 Alaska Baseball League victory over the Fairbanks Goldpanners."
6/24: AIA rains hits on Goldpanners
6/24: Aaron Heilman (98) Heilman will make Mets debut Thursday | Heilman Starts vs. Marlins Thursday "Aaron Heilman, the righthander the Mets selected in the first round of the 2001 draft, is to make his major-league debut against the Marlins that night." Notes: Heilman to make debut | HEILMAN READY TO MAKE DEBUT | Mets will finally | Mets: ND coach believes in Heilman

6/24: Two Panners on MLB Futures Teams - Royce Ring (00), Dave Brundage

6/23: Fire makes itself at home AIA scorches Panners 4-0 "Sparked by a steal of home by Bogue, AIA earned a 4-0 Alaska Baseball League win over the Alaska Goldpanners."

6/22: Baseball fun in the Midnight Sun "Jenson's job is maintenance of the bullpens.. But when snow-capped mountain ranges dot the landscape beyond the outfield fences of most ABL ballparks in idyllic wooded settings, life is pretty good. When they aren't at the ballpark, the players are fishing for salmon and coming across moose, caribou or bears in their back yard.  Said Jenson: "This is better than any other summer I've had."
6/22: Goldpanners send California packing "The Alaska Goldpanners showed no hangover from the Midnight Sun Game, posting a 7-2 win Saturday night after finishing off a 3-1 win over the California Dons"
6/22: Zak Basch (01-02 MVP) Spinners take the 5th "Vermont scored in the eighth when Luis Blanco doubled and scored on a pair of infield outs, then pushed across a run in the ninth on an RBI single by Larry York before Zak Basch held on for his third save."
6/22: Zak Basch (01-02 MVP) Scott Robinson (01-02 MVP) "Chris Farley and Kevin Ool protected the lead for Smith and turned the game over to submarining Zak Basch in the ninth. Basch retired the first two hitters, but pinch hitter Scott Robinson's routine grounder to Reyes at second scooted between his legs for an error to keep the ValleyCats alive."

6/21: New, veteran fans get their cheers in "The Alaska Goldpanners have been involved in sponsoring the event since the team's first season in 1960. Friday night the Panners faced the California Dons."

6/20: Fairbanks Homestand - Newest Pic Page
6/20: 6/19 ScoreCast Added to Results and ScoreCast
6/20: U.S. Census Bureau Daily Feature for June 20: Midnight Baseball - "Baseball remains the nation's number one spectator sport, drawing more than 74-million fans to games each year. In addition, some 30-million people play recreational baseball and softball. You can find these and more facts about America from the U.S. Census Bureau on he Web at www.census.gov."
6/20: Midnight Sun Game provides chance to soak up blistering rays
MY FIRST JOB AT the News-Miner led me to Growden Memorial Park, where I tried to cover baseball during the summer of '76.
6/20: Panners lead off series with win  "The Alaska Goldpanners set the table for victory on Thursday, getting runners on base then playing small-ball on their way to a 5-2 win over the California"
6/20: Panners shine under Midnight Sun "Goldpanners General Manager Don Dennis, who winters in California, added, "Most of the people I talk to in California in the winter are mystified by baseball"
6/20: Aaron Heilman (98) Next on Phenom List "The statement that Fred Wilpon made, that they've going to get younger, that tells me that they've got something in mind."

6/19: Panners bounce Bruins "Alaska Goldpanners manager Ed Cheff told Aaron Mathews to think fly ball with the bases loaded and one out in the bottom of the 11th inning Wednesday night."
6/19: Fenton Named Third-Team All-America "Fenton, also named third-team All-America by Collegiate Baseball, is spending his summer pitching for the Fairbanks (Alaska) Goldpanners."
6/19: Added http://sportsmedicinefairbanks.com/ to Outside Links

6/18: Fairbanks Homestand - Newest Pic Page
6/18: Added 6/17 SCORECAST to Results and ScoreCast
6/18: Added 6/15 SCORECAST to Results and ScoreCast
6/18: Scott Robinson (01-02 MVP) Up to Date Pro Statistics
6/18: Zak Basch (01-02 MVP) Up to Date Pro Statistics
6/18: Mike Moat (02) Up to Date Pro Statistics
6/18: Marc Tugwell (01) Up to Date Pro Statistics
6/18: Errors sink Goldpanners - DN-M - "TOUGH DAY AT GROWDEN--Alaska Goldpanners pitcher Clay Johnson, front, loses the ball as he tries to field"
6/18: Comeback kings: Mat-Su rallies against AIA - DN-M -"The Miners opened the season with an 8-5 win over the Peninsula Oilers then suffered their only loss by a 4-0 score to the Alaska Goldpanners"
6/18: Bluma answers the call to arms for Glacier Pilots - ADN - "His claim to fame in that tournament: he pitched 22/3 innings and earned a save in a win over the Fairbanks Goldpanners, who went on to win the tournament"

6/17: Solstice will have wizardry feel "Baseball. While the Mat-Su Miners are the Valley's team, a trip to Fairbanks for the 98th annual Midnight Sun Game is time well spent."
6/17: LIVE SCORECAST STARTED TONIGHT - For entertainment purposes only
6/17: Added 2003 Results and ScoreCast Page
6/17: Bruins rally past Goldpanners - BOB ELEY. "The Beatrice, Neb., Bruins turned the tables on the Alaska Goldpanners Monday night at Growden Memorial Park."
6/17: Jason Lane (96-97) HR lifts Z's to win vs. Sky Sox "Jason Lane hit a pinch two-run homer to break a seventh-inning tie as the New Orleans Zephyrs beat the Colorado Springs Sky Sox 4-1 Monday"

6/16: 12 Pics Added to Picture Page - FINALLY IN FAIRBANKS
6/16: Panners roll by Bruins "The Alaska Goldpanners rallied to overtake the Beatrice, Neb., Bruins and claim a 6-4 victory in a sun-drenched baseball game Sunday night at Growden Memorial.

6/15: Added Clay Johnson (02-03) to 2003 Roster | Added numbers for Nick Blasi, B.E. Davis, Aaron Mathews, Will Fenton and Jason Matteucci | Added Current Printable Roster
6/15: Panners teach game to All-Stars - DN-M - "Atrocious defense cost the Fairbanks Adult Amateur All-Stars as the Alaska Goldpanners took advantage of seven All-Star errors to cruise to a 15-2 win"
6/15: A tribute to one great dad - DN-M - "I saw my first Alaska Goldpanners baseball game on one of those trips."
6/15: Will Fenton (03) UW: Where are they going this summer?
6/15: Zak Basch (01-02 MVP) Four UNR players signed
Astros agree on contract with Robinson for ValleyCats

6/14: Goldpanners Beat FMLAS
6/14: Newest Picture Page - FINALLY IN FAIRBANKS
6/14: Panners return to Fairbanks - DN-M - Rich Larson "Playing for coach Cheff is always challenging and fun. He pushes you to be your best," said Welch, who pitched the Panners to a 2-1 win over the Peninsula Oilers on Monday in Kenai. "We're here to try to win some more ballgames and looking for another great experience like last year." Tyler Best said, "It's awesome. I've been waiting to come back up here the whole school year. To be back in Fairbanks playing ball is great. We've got a shot to win another national title."  Pitcher Kyle Allen, who plays college ball at Orange Coast College in California, is one of the newcomers to this year's Panners squad. He was one of three pitchers used in the Panners 4-0 win over the Miners. "I feel kind of honored to have been invited," Allen said. "There are some high expectations here, some big shoes to fill."
6/14: Tripling takes it out of Miner "PALMER -- Coming around third base, Matthew Inouye could feel his legs tightening and his heart racing. There was an inside-the-park home run on the line, and Inouye's body was telling him to slow down."
6/14: Devaney holds Bucs in check with gem
6/14: Beatrice shuts out Oilers -
Peninsula Clarion

6/13: Celebrate Panners' successes - DN-M - Rich Larson "Over the final weeks of the 2002 Alaska Baseball League season, I was on vacation in Minnesota. I missed most of the Alaska Goldpanners' surge at the end of the year that resulted in them tying the Anchorage Glacier Pilots for the best record in the Alaska Baseball League and then defeating the Pilots to win the National Baseball Congress tournament. I first noticed that they had won the national championship by seeing the photo of the Panners' celebratory dog pile on the front page of the newspaper as I switched flights in the home city of the runner-up Glacier Pilots."
6/13: Athletes in Action fall to first defeat in extra innings - DN-M - "AIA plays four road league games before making its 2003 Growden Memorial Park debut on June 22, facing the Alaska Goldpanners in the start of a three-game"
6/13: Bucs knock off Oilers, finish 2-0 - Anchorage DN - Jun 12, 2003 "The Bucs finished 2-0 in the rain-shortened tournament. The Fairbanks Goldpanners beat the Mat-Su Miners 4-0 on Wednesday and posted a 2-1 tournament record."
6/13: Added Baseball America Draft Database to

6/12: Panners pitch gem at Miners
6/12: Tony Perez (01MVP-02) Signed with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and will report to Hudson Valley Renegades this week

6/10: 6/9/3 G1 SCORECAST vs. Anchorage Bucs
6/10: Newest Picture Page - Hardball Tournament
6/10: Added PannerVision Package Explanation to PannerVision
6/10: Panners open with split - Bob Ely
6/10: Didion is in sole control of Glacier Pilots' destination
6/10: You might not recognize the Miners
6/10: Oilers drop pair to start the season -
Peninsula Clarion

6/9: Fertile Field of Dreams - ADN
6/9: Alaska Baseball League: Bucs - Williams, ADN
6/9: Panners prep for season RICHARD LARSON, Staff Writer "The first wave of Alaska Goldpanners is gathering in Anchorage this weekend, preparing for the start of the season at the Peninsula Oilers Hardball Tournament in Kenai on Monday. The Panners will have only part of its team on hand for the games at 1 p.m. against the Anchorage Bucs and 4 p.m."
6/9: Panners have rich tradition "It's starting to warm up, the days are still getting longer and afternoon and evening showers and thundershowers are popping up in the weather forecast. That can only mean one thing--baseball season is just around the corner."

6/8: 2003 Alaska Goldpanners of Fairbanks

6/7 : Todd Jennings (02) Extends Hitting Streak to 27 in loss to Stanford | Devils lose to CSF
6/7: Panners have rich tradition - Bob Ely
6/7: Capitals will make '03 debut tonight - On Steve Abney (90)

6/6: Panners make appearance in MLB draft - Rich Larson
6/6: Players have arrived!  Sean Timmons, Elliot Strankman, Ed Cheff, Derek Bruce, Kevin Welch, Tyler Best, Jeff Culpepper, Jake McLintock, James Guerrero, Kyle Allen

6/5: Zak Basch (01-02 MVP) Four UNR Players Drafted | Red Sox Draft Roundup
6/5: Ryan Garko (00) Finally proving all the critics wrong | All-American Team
6/5: Marc Tugwell (01) Named to Louisville Slugger Division I All-America second team | Big East co-player of the year | led the Hokies in batting average (.398), at-bats (226), runs (64), hits (90), doubles (17) and slugging percentage (.580)."
6/5: Justin Azze (02) Negotiates over draft money "I'm pretty much set on signing, but I haven't talked with anyone from the Orioles' organization yet. If they try to fool me with a low-ball figure then there might be complications, but if they give me average money for the round, then I'm ready to go."
6/5: Mike Moat (02) White Sox draft Moat in 19th Round "I think if I had to decide right now, I'd go," Moat said. "I want to get started. I passed it up in high school, and I don't want to do that again." ..if he does sign, Moat is looking forward to joining the White Sox organization because one of his best friends at college, pitcher Royce Ring, was drafted by Chicago last year and has advanced to Class AA ball this year.  "Maybe soon I'll be able to play with him again," Moat said."

6/4: Marc Tugwell (01) 655th Overall, 22nd Round - Philadelphia
6/4: Tim Montgomery (02-03) 678th Overall, 23rd Round - Cleveland "COMMENT: Excellent pitchers' frame. Low 3/4 delivery. Fastball potential, sink action away from RH hitters. Curve has occasional tight rotation. Idea of circle change. Arm action to throw slider in future. Coachable with desire to learn."
6/4: Jordan Olson (99) 968th Overall, Round 33 - Tampa Bay
6/4: Roger Lincoln (02) 1008th Overall Round 34 - Cleveland
6/4: Jeff Culpepper (03) 1164th Overall, Round 39 - Boston
6/4: Added Kyle Aselton to 2003 Roster - Out of Lower Columbia CC, heading to Oregon State - Drafted 879th Overall, 2001 Draft by Seattle, Kyle Aselton, LHP, W.F. West HS, Chehalis, Wash | JV Basketball
6/4: Chad Corona (02) 1385th Overall, Round 47 - Cleveland "COMMENT: Large, heavy boned. Athletic frame. Strong, well-defined arms. Similar to Troy Glaus. Strong, powerful bat through zone, easy plus power potential. Alert fielder. Fair jump and quickness for size. Excellent make-up, team player. Bundle of raw talent itching to break out."

6/3: Zak Basch (01-02 MVP) 384th Overall, Round 13 - Boston Red Sox
6/3: Tyler Best (02-03) Newest Panner Page!
6/3: Ryan Garko (00) 78th Overall, Round 3 - Cleveland
6/3: Justin Azze (02) 194th Overall, Round 7 - Baltimore "COMMENT: Angular, evenly proportioned frame. Good upper body strength. Similar to Chuck Finley. Live arm. Loose, fluid arm action. Legitimate four-pitch guy, two plus future pitches. Very confident"
6/3: Brendan Ryan (02) 215th Overall, Round 7 - St. Louis "COMMENT: Tall frame. Supple build. Easy throwing mechanics. Instincts to make plays. Better range to the left. Average speed, same on bases. Power to the alleys. Not a pure Shortstop. Profiles as a utility player with limited bat potential. Arm is the best tool. Likes to play."
6/3: Marc Kaiser (02) 287th Overall, Round 10 - Colorado "COMMENT: Tall frame. Well proportioned. Strong, sturdy build. Agile, athletic for size. Built similar to Dustin Hermanson. Strong controlled mechanics. Works both sides of the plate. Hard slider late, quick. Poised with potential plus command. Quality arm. Strong mound presence, approach. Good assortment. Pitches play up with life, location. Out pitch is slider."
6/3: Ryan Schroyer (02 MVP) 328th Overall, Round 11 - Minnesota "COMMENT: Thick, durable build. Full windup. Compact, drop and drive delivery. Average arm speed through high 3/4 slot. Most fastballs 88 with arm side run. Can spin 12-6 curveball, downer rotation with depth. Fastball arm speed to change, fair deception with arm side fade. Feel for slider, tight rotation with bite. Aggresive approach on mound. Around the plate with all pitches." (Watch video where he throws - 109?)
6/3: Ryan Johnson (00) 371st Overall, Round 13
6/3: Emerson Frostad (03) 376th Overall, Round 13
6/3: Mike Moat (02) 562nd Overall, Round 19 - White Sox
6/3: Lance Dawkins (01) 583rd Overall, 20th Round - Chicago Cubs

6/2: Ed Cheff (02-03) Wins NAIA Title
6/2: Tony Perez (01MVP-02) |
6/2: Brett Garrard (02)
NCAA All-Regional Team

6/1: Added Tyler Best (02-03) to
2003 Pre-Season Roster

4/28: Clay Johnson (02-03) Named PAC-10 Player of the Week

4/27: Jeff Culpepper (Gonzaga) (03 MVP) 7-for-10 in doubleheader sweep of USD
4/27: Todd Jennings (02) 3R HR in win over Gauchos - Ramos 5.2 innings, 3H, 6BB, 1R
4/27: Jason Giambi (90)
Out of Yankees lineup with multiple injuries

4/26: Chad Corona (02) Two HR in win over Air Force ; Four hits for James Guerrero (03) Complete Game Victory for Mike Moat (02)
4/26: Brooks Conrad (99-00 MVP) Work in Progress "When Steve Checksfield calls Brooks Conrad "down and dirty," it is high praise."

4/25: Zak Basch (01-02 MVP) Earned seventh save in 2.1IP vs. Bulldogs - Strain sac-fly
4/25: Todd Belitz (96) Released by Colorado

4/24: Added Brad Davis (Spaulding) to  2003 Pre-Season Roster
4/24: Added Dustin Miller (Fullerton) to 2003 Pre-Season Roster
4/24: Added Cesar Ramos (LBSU) to 2003 Pre-Season Roster
4/24: Added James Guerrero (SDSU) to 2003 Pre-Season Roster
4/24: Added Jeff Culpepper (Gonzaga) to 2003 Pre-Season Roster
4/24: James Guerrero (03) Baseball visits USD "Freshman shortstop James Guerrero has missed the last four games after injuring his shoulder diving for a pop fly at New Mexico on April 12. Guerrero is also proving himself as a hitter in his first year at SDSU, batting .311 with eight doubles, three triples, two homers and a team-leading 30 runs batted in. In addition, he is tied for first on the squad with 31 runs scored. He is batting .404 (19-for-47) with runners in scoring position and has recorded 12 two-out RBIs this season."
4/24: Todd Jennings (02)
3-for-6, solo HR vs LMU

4/23: Greg Sain (99-00) Padres Spotlight: Greg Sain "Like many of the Fort Wayne players, Sain comes from a baseball-playing family. His father, Tom Sain (73-74), played in the Minnesota Twins' and Houston Astros' organizations, making it as high as Triple-A. His older brother Grady played college baseball. "My dad is my biggest mentor, my biggest critic, my biggest pick-me-up when I need it," Sain said. "He's totally for me, to advance me as far as he can, and he's been very critical as far as my maturation throughout my career. Basically, I think a lot of the tools that I have have definitely been defined by him."

4/22: Zak Basch (01-02 MVP) Beat Rice, #1 team in nation - 5 IP, 1 H, 5K, 0R  "The side-arming reliever, the third Nevada pitcher, allowed the Owls only one hit over the final five innings to pick up his first win of the season. He struck out five and did not allow a walk. The only Rice batter to reach base off him was Chris Kolkhorst, who doubled in the seventh and reached on an error in the ninth. "
4/22: Blake Gill (02 MVP) 6-for-12 over weekend; 16-for-39 in last 10 games.
4/22: Chad Corona (02) 3R Home Run in 9th; Lindsey does well
4/22: Todd Jennings (02) 8-for-25 in six games as leadoff hitter: 4-for-10, 5R over weekend.
4/22: Tom Seaver (64-65) Still miraculous after 30 years
4/22: Jason Giambi (90) Slump to thump
4/22: Doug Linton (86) Optioned by Toronto to Triple-A Syracuse
4/22: Bret Boone (88) Hit five home runs in the past nine games, and is hitting .389 during that stretch.
4/22: Adam Kennedy (95 MVP) Back off DL for Yankees series
4/22: Travis Lee (93-94) Placed on the Tampa Bay 15-day DL

4/19: Jose Cruz, Jr. (93) Cruz Sr. doesn't hear about Jr.; Jason Lane
4/19: Bill "Spaceman" Lee
On the mound at Fenway

4/18: Brandon Averill (02) Hit by pitch from younger brother Erik in UCLA win over ASU
4/18: Ryan Johnson (00)
Sick of the weather

4/14: Bret Boone (88) Wins game with dramatic walk-off HR

4/13: Added 2003 AIA-Alaska Roster to ABL and AIA-AK
4/13: Added NBC Photo Section to

4/12: Tony Perez (01MVP-02) Dominates Santa Clara from plate, field and mound
4/12: Tim Montgomery (02-03) 2-for-5, HR, 3RBI
4/12: Will Fenton (03
) Picked up win (2-0), struck out 5 in 3 2/3 innings

4/9: Tony Perez (01MVP-02) Earns 7th save in huge USD win over USC
4/9: Brad Davis (03) 2R, pinch-hit 2B wins it for Beach
4/9: Ryan Johnson (00) FSU: The Deacons' Demons
4/9: Adam Kennedy (95 MVP) Goes on 15-day DL with Hamstring injury
4/9: Darryl Strawberry (80R) Released from prison
4/9: College Sports TV Launches - In negotiations to broadcast PannerVision's Midnight Sun Game broadcast over CSTV

4/8: Mike Moat (02) Receives 2nd MWC Pitcher of the Week award
4/8: Jason Phillips (96) Optioned catcher Jason Phillips to Triple-A Norfolk

4/7: NBC Championship Game - August 11, 2002 - Rescored using ScoreCast V3.0

4/6: Professional Goldpanners - Completely Updated for 2003
4/6: Zak Basch (01-02 MVP) Collects sixth save for UNR
4/6: Ryan Garko (00) 3-for-4, 2HR, 4RBI vs WSU - Hitting .586 with four homers and 16 RBI in his past seven games and picked up his 200th career hit with his eighth-inning homer.
4/6: Will Fenton (03) Struck out five for save over OSU
4/6: Added Dave Winfield (71-72), Vice President/Senior Advisor to Professionals
4/6: Brent Mayne (86) Hitting .600 on Season

4/6: 2003 Opening Day MLB/MILB Rosters
4/6: Added David Bloom, NBC anchor and broadcast innovator dies in Iraq to

4/5: Tim Montgomery (02-03) Confidence the key with UH's Montgomery | Familiar Foe "I built up a lot of confidence up there," said Montgomery. "Coach Cheff motivates you to succeed. He doesn't deal with losses or failures very well. He made sure you worked hard."
4/5: Baseball America's Daily MILB Dish | Daily MILB Hilite "The key to Heilman's success, however, is the plus-plus movement on his fastball, and his command. He gets heavy sink and run from a three-quarters slot (actually, it's about a tick below three-quarters). He spots it to either side of the plate. Some scouts are concerned that with his arm action and release point he's not taking advantage of his height, but Heilman compensates by keeping the ball down and inducing groundballs by the bundle."

4/4: Tony Perez (01MVP-02) Closes out Matadors, Toreros Win Again
4/4: Ryan Johnson (00) Deacons go 4-0-snow
4/4: Mike Moat (02) 7.1 inning win over BYU - Improves to 3-3 on season

4/3: Adam Kennedy (95 MVP) Bruises right hammy in collision
4/3: Chad Kreuter (84) Contract purchased by Texas
4/3: Tom Goodwin (87) Contract purchased by Chicago (NL)
4/3: Jose Cruz, Jr. (93) Tries to figure angles in Right
4/3: Charles Merricks (99) Released by Colorado

3/31: Ryan Schroyer (02 MVP) Picks up seventh save against USC
3/31: Michael Young (96 MVP) Hits Homer in win over Anaheim in season opener

3/30: J.P. Gagne (02) Closed the game with a scoreless ninth - 74th career appearance with the Irish - moving past Mike Coffey ('90) into third place in the ND record book, behind Chris Michalak (92; '90-'93) and Aaron Heilman (83; '98-'01).
3/30: Zak Basch (01-02 MVP) WAC Pitcher of the Week retires side in 9th to hold off Riverside
3/30: Ryan Johnson (00) Deacons lose bragging rights (fixed link)

3/29: Michael Young (96 MVP) Rangers 2B steady player with impressive fan club
3/29: Adam Kennedy (95 MVP) Rough Spring
3/29: Jason Giambi (90) Opener near, Giambi turns it on
3/29: Jose Cruz, Jr. (93) Baseball in his genes "My dad would say, 'Sit down, watch the game and learn something,'" Cruz said. "The Astrodome had all these tunnels, and we used to play in those. We had our own little World Series."
3/29: Royce Ring (00) Ring around the closer
3/29: Keith Lockhart (85)
Contract purchased from MILB by SDP

3/28: Brandon Averill (02) Delivered winning run over UA with HR
3/28: Barry Bonds (83) Remains true to himself
3/28: Bob Boone (66-67-68) Used to 'Hot Seat'
3/28: Bret Boone (88) A Man and His Glove? - "The book recalls Bret Boone's panic when the Mariners second baseman mistakenly tossed his glove to a fan while signing autographs at Safeco Field in 2001. The fan left the ballpark before Boone realized he had the fan's glove and the fan had his."
3/28: Bobby Crosby (99)
#9 AL West Prospect

3/25: Aaron Heilman (98 MVP) Given a ticket to Norfolk

3/24: Aaron Heilman (98 MVP) May be first in 5th spot
3/24: Bobby Crosby (99) Reassigned to MILB camp - Batted .306 in his first big-league camp.

3/23: Zak Basch (01-02) Fifth save of the season

3/21: Zak Basch (01-02) Picks up 3rd save ; UNR beats Hawai'i
3/21: Blake Gill (02 MVP)
3-for-5 with triple in win over GA

3/18: Erik Eigenhuis (00) MWC Pitcher of the Week - Senior first-timer
3/18: Derek Bruce (03)
Eighth-inning homer in win over Portland

3/17: Jake McLintock - 2003 Alaska Goldpanners Pre-Season Roster
3/17: Nick Walsh - 2003 Alaska Goldpanners Pre-Season Roster
3/17: Brad Davis - 2003 Alaska Goldpanners Pre-Season Roster
3/15: Ryan Haag (02) Shines in rain-delayed win "I had an RBI chance earlier against that guy and didn't get it done," Haag said. "I had to answer back for myself."
3/15: Mike Hofius (02)
Hits second homer of series against WSU

3/14: Nick Walsh (< face="Arial" size="2" color="#003399">03) Almost saves ASU with RBI in 8th

3/12: Brandon Averill (02) Named Pac-10 Player of the Week .417 (5-for-12) over the weekend and led the team with seven RBI in UCLA's 2-1 series win over No. 18 USC
3/12: Tony Perez (01-02) Named San Diego Baseball Player of the week "He went 7-for-14 with a homer, seven runs scored and five RBI. He also earned two saves as USD won three games out of four last week."
3/12: Derek Bruce (03) 2-for2 in loss to LCSC ; Kaiser wins third
3/12: Ryan Johnson (00) Feeling Blue? Lasorda is the cure
3/12: Rob Ramsay (93) Amazing story after brain surgery - Peter Gammons

3/11: Aaron Heilman (98 MVP) Making the grade "Heilman is not the type to get flustered - on the mound or in front of a group of inquiring first-grade minds - and that is the perfect makeup for a major league pitcher. Especially one who wants to make New York his pitching home."
3/11: Added to Oilers - SS Paul Janish, who keys the Rice IF defense, also hitting .410 to lead team, hit two-run HR on SUN during the rout and went 8-for-16 on the week. (Baseball America)

3/10: Marc Tugwell (01) BIG EAST Player of the Week - Hit .522 during Tech's five games last week.
3/10: Ryan Johnson (00) Leaves game after two hits, re-aggravating ankle injury
3/10: Will Fenton (03) Notches fourth save ; Dowling wins
3/10: Aaron Heilman (98 MVP) Minors full of Major Prospects "Heilman, 24, started to explain some theories of Copernicus. "I don't know if this is going to help me with my pitching, but it's certainly interesting reading," Heilman said."
3/10: Bobby Crosby (99) Shortstop waiting behind Tejada "Crosby leads the team with six RBIs. The A's No.1 draft pick from 2001, Crosby is likely to begin the season at Triple-A Sacramento, but he'd like to be in the majors by September."
Jim Rushford Reassigned to MILB camp

3/9: Brendan Ryan (02) Batting .364,  3 2B, 4 HR, 14 RB .818 SLG%
3/9: Ryan Garko (00) Leads Stanford in RBI

3/8: J.P. Gagne (02) Named BIG EAST Pitcher of the Week
3/8: Ryan Schroyer (02 MVP) ESPN.com on ASU - "ASU could have the nation's best (ace)"
3/8: Brad Davis (03) 3-for-4, SB in Beach loss to Baylor
3/8: Added Justin Fuller to 2003 Roster - Shortstop from Alaska!
3/8: Jason Lane (96-97 MVP) Who's on first? Lately it's Lane
3/8: Prospect watch: Jerrod Riggan (94)
3/8: Added Salem Avalanche to Brooks Conrad (99-00 MVP)
MLB to charge $20 per game for audio broadcasts

3/7: Grant Rogers (02) Linfield has offense for NWC title run | News-Register Sports
3/7: Christian Parker (95) Reassigned to the Yankees minor league camp on Thursday, bringing the number of players at the Major League camp to 54.
3/7: Added Onward and Upward | Blooper Award | Jason Lane to play in Dominican Republic to Jason Lane
3/7: Added 2000 Shrine of the Eternal | Quotes to Bill Lee
3/7: Added Baseball Cards to Newest Pics
3/6: Derek Bruce - 2003 Alaska Goldpanners
3/6: Mike Hofius (02) Starts for first time in two weeks
3/6: Derek Bruce (03) Cougars at Huskies
3/6: Added 2003 CAC Pitching Coach to Eric Doble (00)
3/6: Dave Jensen (99) Professional baseball a tough transition "Coach Law played in the big leagues," Carson said. "He knew how it was. He ran BYU baseball similar to how a minor league team would be run. I didn't see a lot of changes. He respects the players. He was a real players' coach and treated us as if we were equals." Part of becoming a professional baseball player is having your own baseball cards. Sports card companies produced cards of both Carson and Jensen in 2002." (The Goldpanners produced two cards)
3/6: Jose Cruz, Jr. (93) Giants seek quick fix with Cruz Jr.

3/5: Dave Jensen - 1999 Alaska Goldpanners
3/5: Karaoke and playing in a big-league dome - By Ryan Johnson, 2000 Goldpanner "If you think some of the American Idol tryouts were bad, you should hear 30 tone-deaf baseball players sing the karaoke classic, Pour Some Sugar on Me." (first of an ongoing series)
3/5: Robert Ramsay (94) Continues his comeback with Padres "I got through an inning," Ramsay said. "You've got to walk before you can run. I'm pleased with being able to complete an inning."
3/5: Added Santa Fe Christian athlete starring for SDSU to Chad Corona (02) "I sat and I prayed about it with my parents and my pastor,” Corona said. “What it came down to was putting Jesus in front of what I wanted to do. (Through prayer) I realized that Jesus had always been good to me, so why change now?” 2000: Corona decides to stay and play
3/5: Added Coatesville defeats Conestoga | Raider repeat as Champions to David Bush
3/5: Added San Diego Hall of Champions: Dave Winfield to Dave Winfield (71-72)
3/5: Added Battle Creek Yankees to Brooks Conrad (99-00 MVP)
3/5: Added Alvarez and Weaver the Collegiate Johnson and Schilling to ABL
3/5: Added Reading Phillies Alumni | Corporate Speaker to Bob Boone
3/5: Moved Alex Creel (01) from ASU to Cal-Poly SLO in Collegians
3/5: Added The Baseball Cube | College Sporting News to Outside Links,

3/4: Tim Montgomery (02-03) Two HR, Grand Slam | Kills Hilo "I've had like, one other one, back in the day — little league days, I think." said Montgomery. "I wasn't really thinking about hitting a grand slam. You try and do that, it never works out. I also got some help from the trade winds."
3/4: Added Northwest Boys of Summer | 1999 Stats to Tim Montgomery (02-03)
3/4: Mike Benjamin (85) Cerritos College Alumni - George Horton  (83)
3/3: Scott Robinson (02 MVP) Palomar JC Player Page | Up to Date Stats (Batting .340 with 4 doubles, 4 home runs, 16 runs scored and 12 RBIs as of March 1)
3/3: Ryan Schroyer (02 MVP) Picks up 5th save as ASU ties best start ever
3/3: Chad Corona (02) Curt Mendoza (03R) Knocks in winner, Corona doubles
3/3: J.P. Gagne (02) Six shutout innings in win
3/3: Roger Lincoln (02) Picks up save in game one, win in game two
3/3: Will Fenton (03) Works 2 2/3, 5Ks (3 in 9th); gets win
3/3: Two-run single from T. Best, Grand Slam from B. Ryan in LCSC win
3/3: Dave Winfield (71-72) Returns as Padres Instructor
3/2: Derek Bruce (03) Lewiston native 3-for-4 in WSU rout of Cheff's LCSC
3/2: Mike Kelly (89 MVP) Giving baseball one more try "There were those who compared him to Dave Winfield (71-72) and others who compared him to Darryl Strawberry (80R) and, of course, those who made the inevitable Barry Bonds (83) connection."
3/2: Baseball unites China and Taiwan
3/1: Ryan Haag (02) Aggressive Intentions "Haag was ejected earlier after a violent home-plate collision that saw both benches cleared. To see a guy be willing to do something like that for the team got everyone fired up," Davis said of his 5-foot-8 teammate. "That's a big spark plug. It put a charge in everybody."
3/1: Jacque Jones (94) Named MVP of the Pepsi Challenge (3-for-3, double)
3/1: Added All-Time Teams to Panners, Pilots, Oilers, Miners, Bucs
3/1: Added Fresno Bee: Bulldogs | Press-Telegram | Devil's Digest to Collegians
3/1: Jake McLintock (03) 2R HR in loss to OSU ; Corona triples; Moat 7IP, no decision

2/28: 2003 Alaska Goldpanners Schedule
2/27: Will Fenton (03) Picks up save in Husky win
2/27: Jason Aspito (99) Outrighted to Angels for future considerations
2/27: Tony Zuniga (94) Signed by Toronto Blue Jays
2/27: Added Kieschnick hoping to help out in a pinch to Anchorage Bucs
2/26: Ryan Schroyer (02 MVP) Pac-10 Pitcher of the Week
2/26: J.P. Gagne (02) Receives $2K for Post-Grad work - BIG EAST/Aéropostale Male Scholar-Athlete of the Week
2/25: 2000-2002 All-ABL Teams
2/25: Todd Jennings (02) Homers in LBSU win over Cal
2/25: Chad Corona (02) Homers in SDSU loss at Miami
2/25: Nick Blasi (03) Hit three-run home run; .308 on season
2/24: Mike Moat - 2002 Alaska Goldpanners
2/24: Tim Montgomery (02-03
) Three-run blast in win over shockers

2/23: Mike Moat, Pitching in for the cause - Barney Hutchinson, Boulder News "Gwynn said Moat made great strides in his pitching after participating in a high-caliber semi-pro summer environment with the Alaska Goldpanners. The longtime semi-pro power in the Alaska League won the National Baseball Congress World Series in Wichita, Kan., in 2002, with Moat going 1-0 with a 1.74 ERA in two NBC tournament games, striking out 10 and walking two in 101/3 innings.. Gwynn said of Moat, "He came back a much more confident and mature pitcher." Moat said pitching in Alaska was an experience of a lifetime. He had never been to the 49th state. "Everything turned out really well," he said. "I loved it up there. The atmosphere, everyone wanted to win it all. To top it off, we made it to Wichita and won it all."
2/22: Zak Basch (01-02 MVP) Loses to #3 CSF despite 5IP with only 1R ; Strain (01) 2-for-4
2/22: J.P. Gagne (02) Closes 9th for save in UND's first game
2/22: Pat Meares (89) Placed on Pittsburgh 60-day disabled list with injured left hand

2/20: Dan Plesac (81) Heeds Baseball's call (Oldest Panner in Majors)
2/20: Bob Boone (66-67-68) Helps out Adam Dunn
2/20: Bret Boone (88) M's want him to be boon to clubhouse
2/20: Jason Lane (96-97) Sebastopol's Lane eyes spot on Astros
2/20: Bill Lee (66-67) Still livid at Zimmer for Gopher-ball game slight
2/20: Adam Kennedy (95) Aim: Second to None
2/20: Pat Meares (89) Cigna covers $5.2m of $7.5 contract for Pirates
2/20: Jimy Williams (65)
A spring in his step

2/19: Barry Bonds (83) Candid about career and surgery "Maybe Tony Gwynn will let me be a hitting coach (at San Diego State)," Bonds said of the former San Diego Padres outfielder, who won eight NL batting titles. "Now I've got something he has."
2/18: Zak Basch (01-02 MVP) Loses heartbreaker to Stanford
2/17: Mike Moat (02) Named MWC Pitcher of the Week
2/16: Mike Moat (02) 8IP, 9K, 3H, 0BB
2/16: Zak Basch (01-02 MVP) Picks up second save
2/16: Ryan Schroyer (02 MVP) Named To Rotary Smith Award Watch List
2/16: Tim Montgomery (02-03) 2-for-3 with two doubles, a run scored and an RBI
2/16: Ryan Garko (00) Hits key 2R HR in bottom of eighth
2/16: Will Fenton (03) Picks up save against LMU
2/15: Mike Hofius (02) Two hits in win over WSU ; Bruce (03) error
2/15: J.P. Gagne (02) Set To Captain Irish In 2003 Season
2/13: ASU Online Media Guide - PANNERS: Rick Monday, Skip Hancock, Ryan Schroyer, Barry Bonds, Mike Kelly, Ken Phelps, Eddie Bane, Oddibe McDowell, Eric Helfand, Ed Vande Berg, Alvin Davis, Sean Rees, Mike Benjamin, Erik Keefner, Jonah Martin, Kevin Romine, Steve Moses, Todd Cady, Jeff Cermak, Dan Rumsey, Kevin Higgins, Tommy Sain, Don Wakamatsu, Kevin Dukes, Eric Doble, Floyd Bannister, Mike Rooney,  Luis Medina, Todd Steverson, Brooks Conrad.. Nick Walsh, Frank Mesa
2/13: Blake Gill (02 MVP) Nets Goldpanners NBC Title "It's all a team. This is the kind of team you dream of playing on. It was like that in college. The guys, if you're up or down, they're pushing you to go." "It was the same as every other night," Basch said. "... We've been fighting back all year. Two days ago, we were down 6-1 to these guys. This organization treats us so well. It is great to put us to put another banner on the wall in Fairbanks."
2/12: Added Run Contribution Percentage (RCP%) - New Offensive Statistic to Gero von Dehn "To reach a player's RCP%, runs batted in and runs scored are added together. Next, home runs are subtracted from that total. This figure exists as “run production”. But take the figure and divide it into the total team runs and the answer provides the percentage of team offense in which the player is directly involved. "
2/12: Mike Kelly (89 MVP) Once more, for the love of the game Agreed to a minor league deal last month with the Kansas City Royals and will report to their new Surprise spring training facility March 4.
2/12: Tim Montgomery (02-03) 1-for-3 with a home run, two RBI and two runs scored
2/12: Blake Gill (02 MVP) Clobbers Centenary "the Tigers' leading hitter at .500, went 2-for-4 and now has two hits in every game this season. LSU Gill Page
2/11: Ryan Garko (00) 3-for-4, HR, 4 RBI - Tied a career-high four RBI
2/11: Northridge Bests UNR to take series - Basch and Robertson hold opponents scoreless
2/11: Clay Johnson (02) One run in six innings as the Huskies beat Houston, 4-1
2/10: Derek Bruce (03) Triple, RBI in loss
2/9: Ryan Schroyer (02 MVP) Picks up win vs. BYU; 3-0 on season
2/9: Blake Gill (02 MVP) Game-winning RBI in 8th inning | 2-for-5
2/9: Tim Montgomery (02-03) 2-for-3 with two runs scored in big win over UCLA
2/9: Derek Bruce (03) 3-for-5, Solo HR
2/8: Added Newest Pictures - Page Two!
2/8: Mike Weathers (1986-87-88) Named Coach on 2003 Team USA
2/8: Ryan Haag (02) Breaks up no-hit bid by Littleton!
2/8: Rayner Noble UH Page (81)
2/7: Goldpanners return to town for home opener - Richard Larson
2/7: 2002 Panner Preview
2/7: Waves beat Panners - Richard Larson
2/7: Panners solve All-Star puzzle
2/7: Added Korny Kornfeind (1912-2002) to Directors Index
2/6: Ryan Garko (00) Another Senior sticks around
2/6: Ryan Haag (02) 1 for 4 in Fresno State Debut
2/6: Travis Lee (93-94) Agrees to one-year deal with Tampa Bay

2/4: Keith Lockhart (85) Signed by Padres to MILB contract, invited to camp as non-roster

2/3: 2003 Alaska Goldpanners Pre-Season Roster
2/3: Added Jake McLintock, Nick Blasi, Brad Davis, Will Fenton, Greg Goetz, Todd Jennings (02), Tyler Best (02), to 2003 Roster, Collegians
2/3: Ryan Schroyer (02 MVP) 1IP, 1H, 1SO, Save #3
2/3: Blake Gill (02 MVP) Tigers to go with hot bat at first base
2/3: Tim Montgomery (02) UH Baseball Preview "Fall conditioning really helped Tim. He has tremendous instincts and is the best in our conference at tracking balls. He is still a work in progress offensively but is much better at not chasing breaking balls."
2/3: Ryan Haag (02) On "The System" at Fresno St.
2/3: Barry Bonds (83) Accepts NL MVP and Hank Aaron Award
2/3: Jacque Jones (94) Signed two-year $7.1 million contract with Twins
2/3: Don Leppert (97) Inducted into Indiana Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame
2/3: Spaceman barnstorming this summer

2/2: Zak Basch (01-02 MVP) I3IP, 0R, Save #1
2/2: Zakk Wylde UNR Player Page Added  to Collegians
2/2: Scott Robertson (02)
1R in 1 2/3 innings

2/1: Mike Hofius (02) 3-for-5 3RBI in rout of ASU Todd Jennings (02) 2 run single Box Score [ABL: Alvarez (MSM 00-01) Fri; Weaver (ANB 02) Sat]
2/1: Mike Moat (02) 1ER over 6IP, takes loss
2/1: John Voita (02) Matadors beat Bruins in Debut for Rousey "Voita ended the game 3-for-5 with two runs, an RBI and a stolen base"
2/1: Tony Perez (01-02)
2-for-3, 3R in 9-7 loss to Texas

1/31: Tim Wallach (78) CSF Titus to Award Golden Spikes Winners - Tim will be presented with his Cal State Fullerton jersey in a ceremony before the game | George Horton (81) | Mike Weathers (86-87-88) | Steve Rousey (98-99) | Vance Law (77)
1/31: Added Marc Kaiser Player Page to

1/28: Jose Cruz Jr (93) Signs with San Francisco
1/28: Mike Moat (02) San Diego Baseball.com Pitcher of the Week
1/28: David Purcey
on the Alaska Baseball League

1/27: Adam Kennedy (95) To attend alumni game
1/27: Scott Robinson (02 MVP-03R) #9 Top Prospect 2003 Draft;  #1 Signable Freshman Prosect; #2 Freshman Overall
1/27: Marc Kaiser (02) #1 Top Prospect NAIA, NAIA All-American Team - BA "The Warriors face a big rebuilding job but got an unexpected boost when junior RHP-OF Marc Kaiser, a fourth-round pick out of high school, transferred from Arizona. Kaiser went 5-4, 5.77 at Arizona last year while batting  .291-7-31. L-C State also returns SS Jay Knowlton (02), a fifth-year senior who was drafted in the 24th round last year by the Giants . . . Lewis-Clark State, which will again serve as host for the NAIA World Series, produced more 2002 big leaguers (five) than any non Division I four-year school."

1/26: Tony Perez (01-02) 4-for-5, 3RBI in opener, pitches
1/26: Ryan Garko (00) 3-for-5 with 2 RBI in Opener
1/26: LBSU Alumni Game - Crosby (00), Kennedy (98), Mike Hofius (02), Todd Jennings (02)
1/26: Mike Moat (02) Pitches strong until pitch count; ASU wins, 2nd save for closer Ryan Schroyer (02 MVP)
Delaware Cows - Summer Collegiate Team

1/22: Jose Cruz Jr (93) Orioles extend $2M offer
1/22: No off switch for Miners' GM Christopher
1/22: Jason Lane (96-97)
On Venezuela baseball shutdown

1/21: Jason Lane (96-97) Isn't resting this offseason
1/21: Steve Abney (90)
Hired to Coach Topeka Capitals

1/20: Ryan Schroyer (02 MVP) Picks up first save of season
1/20: Scott Robinson (01-02 MVP) Comets seek fourth crown in six years "Vetter landed an outstanding group of newcomers, led by Scott Robinson, a two-time All-CIF-San Diego Section selection and the Astros' seventh-round draft pick out of Rancho Bernardo High School. Robinson throws from both sides and plays outfield, catcher and first base. Robinson batted .448 as a high school senior with 23 doubles, 14 homers and 44 RBIs."
1/20: Ryan Haag (02) Named to 2003 all-WAC team
1/20: Single by Faruq Darcuiel (94-97), two run HR by Chad Corona (02) - Ben Julianel (00) , Mike Moat (02), Joe Bernhard (96)
1/20: Mike Hofius (02)  2003 All-Conference
1/20: Ryan Johnson (00)
Wake Forest Wallpaper

1/19: Christian Parker (95) Signed by Yankees, Invited to Spring Camp
1/19: Royce Ring (00) Warthogs Minor League Card | All-time Rookie Card
1/19: Joe Szekeley (81)
Will Return as Manager

1/18: Tom Goodwin (87) Signed by Chicago Cubs, invited to spring
1/18: Adam Kennedy (95)
Signed to one-year contract with Anaheim

1/15: Added Tim Montgomery (02-03) to Collegians

1/14: Added Jim Thomas (81) Asst. Coach | Wichita State to Collegians
1/14: Added J.J. Brock (97) Assistant Coach | St. Mary's to Collegians
1/14: Added Eric Valenzuela (97-98) Assistant Coach | St. Mary's to

1/13: Brooks Conrad (99-00 MVP) Cats offense still absent | Grand victory for Cats
1/13: Greg Sain (99-00) Sain Player Page | Sain Producing
1/13: Our Sports Central: Baseball "Major League Coverage of Independent and Minor League Sports"

1/12: In Memoriam: Bonita Eileen McGehee (1926-2002) "She also had a great time at (the 1996) Midnight Sun baseball game in Fairbanks..  Most memorable about that game was the lady beer vendor who entertained the fans with jokes and riddles."
1/12: Brooks Conrad (99-00 MVP) Pittsfield Astros vs. Williamsport Crosscutters | Brooksy Pic 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
1/12: Graig Nettles (64-65) 1998 Yankees Old-Timers Game | Nettles Pic 1
1/12: Barry Bonds (83), Brent Mayne (86) 1998 Phillies vs. Giants Game | Brent Pic 1 | Barry Pic 1 | More Barry
1/12: Tom Seaver (64-65) Baseball Hall of Fame | Tom Terrific Cy Young Award
1/12: Misc: Jose Cruz Jr. (93) Pic 1 ; Tom Goodwin (87) Pic 1 | Others
1/12: James D. Teresco Collection | 2001 Trip to Alaska (ABL Baseball?)
1/12: Boone, Bonds, Giambi
1/12: Aurora Pictures | From Buffalo to Alaska | Alaska Picture Album
1/12: Dallas Phillies NBC Log "Those bad boys from Fairbanks were on a mission."
Pics 1

1/11: 2003 Goldpanners Professionals
1/11: Keith Lockhart (85) Parts ways with Braves
1/11: Jim Rushford (94) Home with the Rangers
1/11: Scott Striklin (91) Assistant Coach, Georgia Tech to Collegians
1/11: Steve Gillispie (92) Assistant Coach, Jacksonville St. to Collegians
1/11: Steve Mrowka (86) Head Coach, Georgia College & State U. to

1/10: ASU Open(ed) Saturday! - Old-Timers Game - Mike Kelly (89 MVP), Brooks Conrad (99-00 MVP), Ryan Schroyer (02 MVP) Don Wakamatsu (83), Ken Phelps (74), Eric Doble (00), All-American pitcher Floyd Bannister (1974-75), and All-American pitcher Eddie Bane (82).
1/10: Added 2003 ASU Sun Devils - Ryan Schroyer to Ryan Schroyer (02 MVP)
1/10: Ed Cheff - Lewis-Clark State Ranked #1
1/10: Mike Cervanek (98)
Selected by San Francisco in First Round of AAA Rule 5 Draft

1/9: Chad Krueter (84) Signed by Texas to a minor league contract and invited him to spring training.
1/9: Jim Rushford (94) Signed by Texas to a minor league contract

1/7: Blake Gill - 2002 NBC World Series MVP

1/6: Chad Corona (02) Earns Baseball America Pre-Season All-American Honors
Baseball America Pre-Season All-Americans

1/5: Top Alaska Sports Stories of 2002 - Lorraine LeBreton "The Glacier Pilots. The Anchorage college-age baseball team fought their way through the Alaska Baseball League in June and July to earn the league championship and Mayor's Cup trophy again. The blue and white boys also qualified to defend their national title at the N-B-C World Series in Wichita, Kansas. In the tourney's championship game, the Pilots downed a fellow Alaskan team, the Fairbanks Goldpanners, to repeat as the best summer-ball squad in the U.S."
1/5: Terry Francona (78) Getting healthy after serious scare
Alaska Born Major Leaguers

1/2: Jason Lane (96-97) 2002 Game-by-game log

1/1: Anchorage Glacier Pilots Hire Kris Didion as Manager
1/1: AIA-ALASKA 2002 AIA-Alaska Game Summaries
1/1: Added Barry Bonds Player Page to Barry Bonds (83)
1/1: Added Bob Boone Player Page to Bob Boone (66-67-68)
1/1: Added Dave Winfield Player Page to Dave Winfield (71-72)
1/1: Added Graig Nettles Player Page to Graig Nettles (64-65)
1/1: Added Jason Giambi Player Page to Jason Giambi (90)
1/1: Added Tom Seaver Player Page to Tom Seaver (64-65)
1/1: Added Michael Jackson's Baby Drop to Outside Links
1/1: Added San Diego Baseball Chat to
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